Saturday, September 4, 2010

Boston Catholic Blogger Community Labor Day Roundup

Two important topics are highlighted at Boston Catholic Insider and Bryan Hehir Exposed - The Clergy Retirement Fund and more dismantling of Catholic identity at Caritas Christi.

On the verge of bankruptcy, the Clergy Retirement Fund has been a topic of concern for our priests for many years.   When decisions about where to apply money are being made, the Archdiocese bypasses funding the Clergy Retirement Fund to instead spend millions of dollars on publicity and other ancillary services that should be the last thing on the list when paying bills.

Visit BHE to read the concerns and very serious questions being raised.   Don't miss this disturbing post about an anonymous Memo circulated by Cardinal O'Malley's administration about the "unsustainable" employee pension plan.

  And, stay tuned as there is sadly more unsettling news to come.

What is striking to me is that when it comes to their own pool of money, they are cognizant that the pool of money for benefits and the people who will need to draw on the benefits is heading for a disaster and they are proactively taking benefits away.   Yet, in the public square, when those of us paying health insurance and taxes point out that adding 50 million illegal aliens into a system that cannot even sustain the Americans who worked 50 years and more so they can receive benefits, they pooh-pooh the impending disaster and continue to push the envelope on the economic collapse of our country.  And, the absurdity of it all is that they claim these are acts of social justice.

How would they like to add 50 million illegal aliens to their budget to plan for retirement and health benefits?

It is irresponsible and unjust to avoid the same sane projections about the pool of money and the number of legal Americans who have been paying into the system and need benefits and be out pushing the economic collapse.

On the further dismantling of Catholic identity of Caritas Christi, even those of us who are continuously reporting the charades are sometimes jolted by the evidence when we pull all the pieces together that have transpired over the course of several years.

Take a good look at the table with the logo and the before and after mission statements of Caritas Christi.   There is a very subtle message about the "CARE".   Giving respect to moral and ethical principles of the Roman Catholic Church is quite different than giving respect to eradication of them.

(And, again, there is more to come)

When you are done, ask yourself some questions about the veracity of statements about the commitment of Catholic identity at Caritas made by Cardinal O'Malley and Ralph de la Torre.

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