Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Boston College National Leadership Roundtable on Church Management is Now in Full Control of the Archdiocese of Boston

Many national Catholic leaders surprised by the turn of events here in Boston under Cardinal O'Malley will often ask me specifics about what we see going on at the ground level.

As I've said before, one of the reasons why Boston Catholics have decided to publicly air their concerns in a blogging community is to give people a few central locations where a more accurate picture of what's going on - who the Cardinal has appointed and what is happening under the power structure the Cardinal has erected  - can be seen.

The National Roundtable of Church Management is now in complete control of the Archdiocese.   The Cardinal is no longer in control of anything.  For example, this is why Bryan Hehir had the confidence to contradict the Cardinal's ambiguous statement about a policy that will defund pastors if they teach Catholic moral principles in schools.

The mission of the "roundtable" was to get control of the money so that they could get control over the doctrine.

How this is playing out means various things to various people.

This focus on this blog has been and will continue to be about how the Deposit of Faith, and ultimately the salvation of souls, is going to be affected by the changes in Church structure now fully implemented by Cardinal O'Malley.

I'm not going to say too much more today because I want you to each take the time to review the short flick I have embedded featuring J. Bryan Hehir on how to effect Church Management nationally.

In a nutshell, the goal is to structure the power of the Church in America away from the structure of the Pope and the catechism and onto wealth controlling priests and bishops on the local level of the parishes and chanceries.

I have made some comments about responsive strategy over on Boston Catholic Insider on this thread that I believe will have efficacy in uprooting the regime.  Controlling a Cardinal is about controlling the money.  Jim Post was right about this and it certainly is in full swing in Boston.

While those of us focused on the sacraments and salvific mission of the Catholic Church don't really care about the money, I do believe that it is imperative that we round up the Shaughnesseys, McNeices, Flatleys, Opus Dei, Legatus and other people and apostolates who have wealth and interests in maintaining the structure of the Church headed by the Pope, pack up the resources we are assembling and give them a demonstration about the power structure Cardinal O'Malley has erected and the cost to Christendom.  They want to play games with controlling the Archbishop with money?  I am dealing myself a hand and am in the game.  These efforts will be getting underway shortly.  We have a few more critical revelations to archive so stay tuned.

This week, the Pilot featured an article written by the Vicar General about the access to prayer and the faith the Cardinal and the Vicar General have at the "Pastoral Center".

We would all like to be edified by the personal prayer habits of the Cardinal and the Vicar General.  I wish we could.  But the reality is, the people in the parishes are being terrorized when they express concerns about  invalid Sacraments or the eradication of Confession or our children demoralized with priests and lay people who reject the tenets of our faith or our liturgies being trampled and scandalized or being told Adoration and the Rosary scares people or our kindergartners sexualized by people who have them repeating "vagina" and "penis" in ccd classes thinking this absolves Corporation Sole from hiring and coddling pedophiles or children confirmed without knowing their prayers or what is happening at the Holy Mass, anything about Humana Vitae, Theology of the Body or people like Maureen Hancock coming in to perform the tricks of a sorcerer and the false 'god' "reiki" or the abortion contracts the Cardinal's administration is signing right under his nose or the marxists Bryan Hehir is bringing in to brainwash unsuspecting Catholics across the nation.

Frankly, I and many others are not edified by the article about the personal prayer habits of people who are keeping the deposit of faith unto themselves up there at the Pastoral Center.

While they are trying to save their own souls, they have set up an administration that is making it impossible for the flock to save their children's souls or have any access to the truths of our faith.

It really is a lovely article but please beg our pardon when we say this:

The Pastoral Center is supposed to be a place where the administrators have the duty to protect, defend and distribute the temporal goods of Christ Church to THE PEOPLE.  It is not about the personal salvation and prayer habits of the Cardinal, Vicar General and their staff.    The administrators at the Boston Archdiocese are holding the Catholic religion in bondage.  And, they are terrorizing people who are demanding It's release for THE PEOPLE.  THE PEOPLE out here in the parishes who are subject to the aforementioned lunacy.  The structure of the Roman Catholic Church in Boston is being dismantled and preparations are underway to infect the rest of the Catholic Church across our nation with the false church erected in Boston.

The efforts under way are not going to happen under the radar while some of us are still breathing.  All of the money, every last nickel, in the portfolios of the Boston College National Leadership Roundtable on Church Management is not going to stop the testimony of many Catholics who are standing ready to reveal what is going down.

And, here is what is going down:

Did you hear anything about the structure in our dioceses and parishes to the Roman Catholic Church in Rome headed by the Pope?

Teaching the flock the source and summit of our tenets outlined in the Catechism?

This priest has been defrauding Catholics for 40 years. He is tapped into those who hijacked Jack Kennedy's name to use the Kennedy School of Government to break down democracy in America.

He is positioned to break down democracy AND the Roman Catholic Church at the same time and he is getting away with it.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Carol. May I suggest making St. Catherine of Sienna the patron of your blog? She was very good at shaming those in power to doing the right thing.


Anonymous said...

It's the American Catholic church not to be confused with the Roman Catholic! It must be killing them that they can't get their hands on EWTN. I pray good Catholics realize the difference! A quick glance at the Board of Directors & there can't be any question other than where do we go from here?
Mrs. Victoria Reggie Kennedy
Rev. J. Bryan Hehir
Sr. Carol Keehan, DC

Carol McKinley said...

great idea m!

kilkieran said...

Father Hehir yearns for (as another poster noted) an "American Catholic Church" i.e. a man made institution that will act as an adjunct of the secular state.

The Vatican and the Magisterium are impediments. Faithful Catholics are unruly children. He is convinced that social science, administrative technique and control of Church $$$ will bring on the day when the "spirit of Vatican II" can be fully implemented.

Faithful Catholics must correct the good Father and his sponsors. Thanks Carol.