Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hating on Catholics

"Say the truth people need to hear, come hell or high water or whatever threats you receive, even from those who pretend to tell the whole truth themselves."

I am reposting my comment in this thread because it is worth repeating:

I have been very open with my struggle (and ultimate surrender) to the teachings of the Church on contraception and the discipline of celibacy.

What I find most disturbing, is that our goals were twisted to imply we only want people in the pews who assent to the teachings of the Church. When in reality, our objectives are about getting people in teaching roles to either teach the interpretation of the Catholic faith and if they refuse, to replace them with somebody who does. 

It is either deliberately being twisted or egos with low self-esteem trolling the internet pounced on this opportunity to make other people look uncharitable to replenish their own vanity.

We are in a fight for the soul of our Church with those don't see the Church as a provider of sound teaching for salvation, but a place to provide others with fuzzy feelings - ultimately to make them feel good about themselves. At the price of other people's salvation.

This mortal creation is a counterfeit church that we are not going to hand off to the next generation.

All we care about at this point in time is gumming up and clamming up unsound teaching. This is the flare across the bow. Going forward, when priests and Bishops offer poison to souls, it will be publicly journaled in Boston (and other places). 

It is the most effective tool we have to silence dissent at this time. When dissent is silenced, our children can't hear it and that is all we care about at this point in time in the history of the Church.

Line up and take your places. Stay, go, throw barbs and insults at those of us doing it. Knock yourselves out.

When we stand up to those barbs and insults and we keep on holding priests and bishops accountable for the souls they are accountable for, a hundred more will have the courage to do it with us. And so on and so forth.

They wanted us to "Arise in Christ", well congratulations.  Here we are.


kd said...

I'm with you 100%, not to be confused with those behind you 100%there is a difference!

God Bless & Protect YOU!

Anonymous said...

Dearest Carol,

Robert Kumpel, over at The Last Papist Standing blog, has a post along the lines of your current one.

(See it, here: )

This is what I posted on that topic:

Good grief!

[shaking my head]

Is this for real? Robert, please tell me you made this up.

This guy, Bryan Cones, is an editor of a supposedly "Catholic" magazine (I *really* hope what I just said was not - gasp! - uncharitable)?

Cones cites St. Paul's words in 1 Cor. 13:13, "but the greatest of these is love."

What greater love would it be than to (as Robert says) admonish sinners in front of others so that those others will not sin? (paraphrasing. 1 Tim. 5:20) or expose the evil that is among the faithful? (Eph. 5:11-12)

St. Paul also says, "Is it not those inside the church whom you are to judge? God judges those outside. 'Drive out the wicked persons among you.'" (1 Cor. 5: 12-13)

Why are we to do these things? St. Paul tells us this, too, "you are to deliever this man (persistent, unrepentant sinners in the Church) to Satan for the destruction of the flesh, that his spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord Jesus." (1 Cor. 5:5)

Is this not the loving thing to do? Has not Mr. Cones read these words of Sacred Scripture?

How about our Lord's words when a man fails to come to his senses and repent from his sins (after two or more come to him, then they have the Church come to him)?

"...;and if he refuses to listen even to the church, let him be to you a Gentile and a tax collector." (Mt. 18:17)

My dear Mr. Cones - man up! The "conservative blogosphere" does have the very thing you say it lacks - love.

Especially for those who have been led astray by heretical magazines like yours (please see Mt. 18:1-6)

Catechist, Kevin

Gregg said...

Greetings from England

Just found your blog. I enjoyed reading it and admire the strength of your faith.

Keep up the good work and God bless.


Carol McKinley said...


Thank you for taking the time to say hello and offer words of support and God's blessing.

I am so grateful for the enrichment prayers and blessings bring.

God's blessings back to you and yours.

Carol McKinley said...


You have been on my radar to get back to you and thank you for your gracious provision of teaching on how to vote. I plan on doing a post about voting over the weekend and will put it to good use.

Your response on lastpapist's blog is phenomenal. I may borrow some of the scripture references when I break out my "I desire Mercy" post. I didn't know of this blog and was glad to see it.

I think I have heard of Cones before. American Magazine? The Jesuit priest's there are causing Christ a boat load of heartache.

It's nice to be in touch again and read your zeal for the House of the Lord. You have a great gift and I thoroughly enjoy and learn reading you. Hope you stop by more often!

Anonymous said...


You have such kind words for this sinner (no false humility here! LOL).

It was U.S. Catholic(?) that Mr. Kumpel was writing about. (found his blog via Mary Ann Kreitzer's)

His blog seems to get few hits - but! - as you know so well, the dissenters are throwing a nutty (as Fr. Z would say) about "conservative" Catholic bloggers (conservative? no, faithful! yes). I'll wager that he'll get more hits now. :)

God love you dear heart - Boston isn't the only Catholics who need you.

Catechist Kevin