Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The National Catholic Reporter - The Counterfeit Magisterium

In yesterday's Vortex, Michael Voris invited the Bishops to "do something" about the counterfeit catholyc magisterium of the theological crackpots at the National Catholic Reporter.   He asks many of the questions lots of us have been ask for years.

Why do they let the wolves carry their flock off into the wilderness and destroy their lives and chance at redemption?

What happens to them that they can't perform their duties?

What happens to parents, even the ones who should and do know better, not to hold Bishops' feet to the fire who are undermining the teachings of the Church?    If the science teacher up at their local school taught their kids the world was flat, they'd be right up there holding her and her principal accountable for misinforming their child but they go limp when looney theology is fed to their kids.

The weakness (and eclipse of reason) is astounding.  It's a hard thing to watch.

There's a good Bishop who has authority over this Imitation of the Chittister rag.   We've got to hold his feet to the fire this year.

Also, the Creative Minority Report  has posted a really weird letter written by  Michael Sean Winters to John Boehner pretending he's the Pope.   It's kinda creepy, actually.  Check it out.

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