Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Massachusetts Bishops Appoint Former Gambling Executive, James Driscoll

The Pilot has announced that world-wide search for an executive director for the Mass Catholic Conference ended this week when the Massachusetts Bishops appointed former Assistant Counsel and Assistant Executive Director of Massachusetts Scratch Tickets and Keno, James Driscoll.

The former gambling exec was called a gifted public servant who is experienced and dedicated by interim director Gerry D'Avolio:

In Jim Driscoll the Bishops have chosen a gifted public servant who is experienced and dedicated to the good works of the four dioceses. I also wish to thank Bishop Coleman and the members of the search committee for their thorough and extensive process in selecting Jim for this position.

Though many Massachusetts Catholics who have been active lobbyists for the past twenty years knew of several candidates faithful to the teachings of the Church with extensive lobbying credentials who applied for the position, our telephone conference calls have been unable to scrounge up anyone who has ever heard of him or seen him up at Beacon Hill. Maybe they were short on space for this week's Pilot, but the announcement seems seems to be missing his political lobbying credentials. A preliminary google on his political contributions have come up with bupkis.

I hate to be a cynic but when it comes to politics, somebody who hasn't given any politicians any money is about as influential as a Bishop at a casino.

As luck would have it, the appointment comes at a critical hour for legalizing casinos and slot machines:

Right now, lawmakers are considering bringing legislation that would legalize casinos and slot machines in Massachusetts, a move the church opposes and an issue Driscoll said will likely be big from the start of his new job.

He was for legalized gambling for twenty years before he was against it.

He later worked for the lottery commission before joining the auditor’s office. Driscoll said his time on Beacon Hill, particularly working with lawmakers when he was with the lottery commission, would serve him well at a new job he called "a chance of a lifetime."

Wait a minute... it doesn't actually say he is against it does it. Just says working with lawmakers to promote gambling will serve him well at the chance of a lifetime.

Any thoughts on how this is going to pan out of us?

Operators for the Massachusetts Legislators are standing by waiting for the phone calls. Just like everything else the Mass Catholic Conference has done under the leadership of Kennedy School of Government Chancery mole Bryan Hehir, when the phone doesn't ring, you'll know it's them.


TheLastCatholicinBoston said...


Caroline said...

How do these people sleep at night.

Anonymous said...

They have a pot brownie before retiring.


Carol McKinley said...

LCIB, you cracked me up this morning. I actually forgot about bingo!

You know, you think you have a handle on them and then another layer of of corruption reveals itself.

Caroline,I'm sure you've seen parents who are wreckless in taking care of their children? They sleep quite well because they don't give rat's patoot.

Veronica - very, very funny!