Friday, August 19, 2011

Please Sir, May We Have Our Religion Taught To Our Children?

These are the days, aren't they?

Priests teach you to act on your temptations.

The Bishop condones it as the shining example to follow.

Young and naive, uneducated, without Sacramental grace, we go on a toot.

Those of us lucky enough to find our way to Truth come crawling back begging for God's mercy.

We sit in the pews with our children waiting for the priests to teach truth but they lead our children into temptation.

We do everything we can to ask them in charity not to mislead our children, our neighbors, friends, family and fellow Catholics.

You'd think that would be an innocuous request. But that is when the muggings commence. The damage these muggings have done to Catholics is immeasurable.

Here's the question I have:

What possible reason would they have to want Catholic children to continue to be led into temptation and sin?

Somehow, I think the devil is in those details.

The funny thing is, the 'nicer' these Catholics proclaim themselves to be, the meaner they can be.

There is a sword of Damacles hanging over the heads of Catholics who ask to have our religion taught to us. If you dare to do it, bottom feeders will dig up the things you did when you were severed from Christ's Grace to humiliate, embarrass and silence you. They make mountains out of molehills, slander and malign. The people who put themselves out there as models of kindness have a feast day. The crucible of the individuals pursuing the distribution of Sacramental Grace for themselves and others is a victory for them. People observing it, moved by compassion to point out the lack of lucidity and compassion going on in the feeding frenzy get swept up by the hostile crowd.

If you are struggling with sin and drag yourself into Church and ask for the tools for Grace, your sins will be exploited and pounced on by wild lions.

Let us face it. Catholics are afraid to evangelize because this is what will be done unto you.

History repeats itself. The predicament inside of the Catholic Church is the same predicament Athinasius fought.

It is one thing for us to be persecuted outside of the walls. This is our fiat.

We have a different situation on our hands: Our religion is being held captive internally.

It has to be freed so Christ's evangelists can be fed and fortified, new evangelists raised. The army needs more soldiers to witness as we follow the Mystical Body of Christ to our destination. There are not enough at this point in time.

Jacob was a cheater, Peter had a temper, David had an affair, Noah got drunk, Jonah ran from God, Paul was a murderer, Gideon was insecure, Miriam was a gossiper, Martha was a worrier, Thomas was a doubter, Sara was impatient, Elijah was moody, Moses stuttered, Zaccheus was short, Abraham was old, Peter was a liar and a coward, Mary Magdalene was a notorious sinner and possibly a prostitute and Lazarus was dead.

The Apostle Paul describes his own struggles with sin in Romans 7.

Take a moment to read it. It is a masterpiece.

I never thought about this before, but is it possible he sat down to write this humble revelation because was being bird-dogged... by the Christians?

I don't mean to be condescending when I say this, so please forgive me because I've just got to say it:

If you don't understand the apostolates of those being raised to free up religion internally and you're taking whacks at those doing it, you are deprived of spiritual insight. Your resistance is neither wisdom nor charity. You're not being 'nice'. You're gumming up the works.

Please, understand and just pray for us.The internal fighting over it is rocking the boat. Listen in the silence to God and do whatever He tells you to do. This is what He is telling us to do. We are NOT going to stop.

St. Joseph, patron of the Universal Church, pray for us.


Maria said...

"Father Edmund Walsh, the founder of the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University...spent several years in Russia, shipfuls of food, to keep the Russians from starving. He returned back to the States after the famine was under control. On his way back to the United States, Walsh was told to stop in Rome and was told to spend some time in private audience with Pope Pius XI. Father Walsh describes (he never put it in writing) the conversation that he had with Pius XI far into the night in the Vatican rooms of the Holy Father. By that time the persecution of the Church had reached a high level: Russia, Spain, Mexico.

Finally the Holy Father stopped in the conversation, and speaking to Father Walsh, he asked him: "Father Walsh, tell me, who do you think over the centuries of the Church's history, who in your estimation have been the worst persecutors of the Church?" Walsh realized the Pope didn't want him (Walsh) to answer. The Pope wanted to answer his own question. "I'll tell you," says the Pope. "THE WORST ENEMIES OF THE CHURCH, HER WORST PERSECUTORS WERE UNFAITHFUL BISHOPS, PRIESTS AND RELIGIOUS." As long as I live I will never forget that quotation which Father Walsh personally gave to Father Lord.

This is why we must make absolutely sure that our faith is unqualified. Faith in what? Faith in the divinity of Christ. Because ONCE THAT FAITH WEAKENS AMONG CATHOLICS - BE HE BISHOP, PRIEST OR RELIGIOUS - THEN ANYTHING GOES. And the worst enemies of the Church over the centuries have been former believers who having abandoned the faith which the Church gave them, turned on the Church and became her worst opponents".

--John Hardon SJ

Michael Voris tells the truth and and he is hunted down like a criminal. It is not Mr. Voris who needs to answer for his crimes.

Maria said...

Edmund Walsh SJ founded the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University, for reference.

Anonymous said...

Cuh-lassssic post Carol!

Whoa! Me glads I be on your side. :)

Maria, excellent quote from Fr. Hardon. Thank you.

You both hit on something that Mr. Voris said more than a few times when I saw him in Bloomington last month:

*The* crisis in the Church today - and were talking about dissenting/progressive *Catholics* here - is the denial of Christ's Divinity.

That is what Mr. Voris said - and I believe him.

Carol knows that I have heard umpteen examples of blatant dissent(or ambiguous nonsense) when it comes to teaching the faith (if that is what you want to call it) in my neck of the woods.

This leads me to point out a story about a "new" Bible that will no longer refer to Jesus as the "Son of Man" in the gospels. He is now "Human One."

Really? This is a proper translation from the Greek or Hebrew? What would the early Fathers say about this?

(get the story here)

This is why the faitful have heard time and again - at least from one priest "theologian" in our diocesan newspaper - that Christ was a "human person" just like the rest of us.

No! No! No!

Christ was a *Divine* Person with two natures: Divine and human.

Fully God and fully man. *NOT* a "human person." (Correct Christology is very important - you have to watch the proper use of words)

The Neo Arians have come out in full force these last 40+ years.

Lets us all call on St. Athanasius for his intercession in the battle with those "worst enemies of the Church" that Pope Pius XI was speaking of.

Catechist Kevin

Carol said...

Thanks Kevin!

You're suggestion to pray for St. Athinasius intercession is a great one.