Saturday, August 11, 2012

GOP sending an ambulance with whoopass to the Weird Willard Show

All aboard.

If the rumors are true, of course. Let's hope he's kept his zipper zipped in Gomorrah

Funny there was no trial balloon. (Or, maybe there was and I missed it?!) I wonder if everyone on the short list declined?

Whatever. Finally, there is enough substance/oversight by the luminaries in the GOP to give this the green light.

I hope he puts the Social Security hoo-ha on the back burner. It's a Pandora's Box that will be exploited to turn senior citizens/class warfare buffoons into enemies.

If you're watching Barack Hussein's commercials, he's not even waiting to roll out the communism. They're going for it.

UPDATE--It's confirmed!


Anonymous said...

Because Mitt did not choose Marco Rubio as his V-P runing mate, there goes Florida and the Hispanic vote. Also, Senator Rubio would have appealed to the Catholic vote (his past and current religion), the nondenominational Christian vote (his wife's religion and the church he supports and attends on alternate Sundays) and the Mormon vote (his previous religion). Wait, there’s already a Mormon on the ticket.

Percy said...

It's a gift to the Democrats, and reveals that Romney has panicked that he won't be able to energize his base. Here's a clue: despite all the media attention to the Tea Party in the GOP, the Tea Party candidates failed, and ultimately failed big: meaning that, even within the GOP, there is a lack of consensus around the Tea Party. Romney's hail mary pass means he is hoping that non-Republicans will be *more* likely to agree with it. That's just an self-serving delusion.

TTC said...

Don't be silly! The Republicans are never going to woo Hispanics. The Catholic vote is split on Rubio because of his weak stand on the sovereignty of our nation. The Hispanic vote is split because the cubans don't like the hispanics and so on. Rubio is a republican socialist from what I've heard of him. Good man. Decent man. But not what we needed at this time to pull the troops together.

What is static, is the Catholic and Christian vote, the prolife vote, those who are proud of their country, military, police. Someone with a backbone. Someone charismatic who says what he believes with conviction and can give a good kick in the gut with soundbytes.

This was brilliant. It must not have come out of the GOP headquarters. LOL.

TTC said...

ps - the announcement was made on August 10th, the Feast of St. Philomena.

Beg for God's mercy. We've got a chance we didn't have before.

TTC said...

Hey Perc!

Help me to understand...the Tea party did kinda fail, didn't it? Put the wrong horses in the race?

I wasn't really a Tea partier but I liked their energy and the chutzpah, their agendas.

We'll have to see how it plays out but from what I'm feeling, this is going to energize the base which is still there waiting for a horse,

He has a kick. He knows exactly what to say to debunk Obama and his delivery is firm, energetic, zealous and without compromise, but not unkind. Even though he probably can't stand them. LOL.

I am not Mrs. Know It All, just my gut and the energy I be feelin.

Let us pray and Trust in God. Whatever is meant to be is meant to be. At some point the Book of Revelation is going to play out. Though this is politically incorrect, I'd like to foist it on another generation and see if we could spend more time in the harvest. We failed miserably and facing Christ is going to be hard.

Whatever comes, even defeat. I'm ready.

Anonymous said...

According to the Washington Post ( ), the Catholic social justice lobby NETWORK has weighed in on Romney’s choice:

“Our recent ‘Nuns on the Bus’ tour was created to point out immoral budget priorities present in Rep. Ryan’s proposed federal budget. Tragically, his budget passed the House of Representatives and has now been formally endorsed by Gov. Mitt Romney,” according to a statement posted on [its] web site …

NETWORK’s Executive Director Sister Simone Campbell, said in a statement Saturday morning:

“We agree with Catholic bishops that Paul Ryan’s budget fails the test of Catholic social teaching since it deliberately harms people at the economic margins. It is also unpatriotic because it says that we are an individualistic, selfish nation. This is emphatically not who we are. Both our Constitution and our faith teach us that ‘We the People’ are called to care for one another, to have responsibility for each other. This year’s election will present us with a critical choice. Do we want to favor the rich on the backs of people in need? Is that who we want to be?”

Anonymous said...

According to Sarah Posner on Religion Dispatches ('s_vp_pick_of_ryan_will_bring_religion_to_the_fore/ ), the USCCB is already on record concerning the Ryan budget:

[T]he USCCB did write letters to Congressional committees, citing concerns that Ryan’s budget failed to meet “moral criteria” because it was based on “disproportionate cuts in essential services to poor and vulnerable persons.” The result: politicians’ arguments not over the budget, but over what type of budget is supported by Catholic teaching. But these are arguments for Catholics, for academics, for theologians. Seeking clerical approval (or disapproval) of legislative and policy proposals is at odds with our secular democracy. (Believe me, I understand the impulse to discredit Ryan’s claim that Catholic teaching supports his budget, but there are serious problems with officeholders and office seekers using and abusing the imprimateur of religious authorities.) Romney’s pick of Ryan, though, virtually ensures that arguments over the meaning of Catholic teaching will become an integral part of the presidential campaign. And remember, now both vice-presidential candidates are Catholics—of different stripes.

TTC said...

Bah hahaha!

The nuns on the bus. OMG what a hoot.

Sr. Simone kill the innocents infants. Simone.

Ha hahaha. I just can't stoo laughing.

TTC said...

Oh wait how much did Obama cut medicare and healthcare ?

I wouldnt start the battle of bishops letters against candidates. The polyester panted hags arent thinking too straight.

I think Fr. Z has a video to go along with their press release.

Hold on.

TTC said...

check them out. LOL.

That's what Obama has left for support in the Catholic voting block.

He doesn't even have the weenies in USCCB Conference. How many wrote letters condemning Obama. Was it close to 200 if my memory serves me correctly. They are unanimous in their disgust for Obama.

breathnach said...

"Senator Rubio would have appealed to the Catholic vote (his past and current religion"

Rubio is a nominal Catholic.Rubio currently attends an Evangelical church. He spent his early years (in Nevada) as a Mormon. His family joined the Mormon church when they moved to Nevada. They left the Mormons when they returned to Florida. He is a very tentative Catholic at best, if at all.

The Cuban exiles from Castro in Fla are considered an elite group by the vast majority of Hispanics, who come mainly from Indian peasant backgrounds. His appeal to the wider Hispanic community is very questionable.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Rubio go for the Dream Act and didn't his wife get arrested last year? No, Willard was wise to avoid that pitfall.