Saturday, August 11, 2012

Here We Go Again with One of My Favorite Subjects - Medjugorje

"In the beginning of the apparitions the first question we asked Our Lady was who are you, what is your name? And She responded, “I am the Queen of Peace. I have come, dear children, because my Son is sending me so that I can help you. Dear children, peace, peace, peace, only peace. Peace must reign in the whole world. Dear children, peace must reign between God and man and among all men. Dear children, this world, mankind is in great danger. This world is in danger of self-destruction.” Those were the first words, those were the first messages that Our Lady, through us, has been giving to the whole world."

There are so many theological errors in this, one hardly knows where to begin.

The Father sent Mary centuries before Mirvana Mirjana et al began the messenger service. He to Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Golgotha, the Resurrection. She was, is and ever shall be from now through eternity, the Ark of the Covenant. Her symbolism manifests in Christ's Church, the Ark which possesses the Substance of Christ's Body and Blood.

Don't ever lose sight of where the Father sent her, where is, where our help is.

I don't have a crystal ball but my gut instincts are, the Holy See is going to bring down the hammer, the devil has been attracting and grooming Christ's elect in Medjugorje. Anchoring them there instead of the authentic Ark. He is a patient and clever trickster. He lies in wait near her heel and is going to strike to collect his harvest. When she crushes his head, he will attempt to convince by playing the victim of concocted misogyny of the True Ark.

Did you see Meseret crossing the finish line? What a blessing it was to tune in at the exact moment she crossed, held up the gorgeous icon of the Blessed Mother and Her Son, embraced them to her face and fell on her knees.

To those of us who have recourse to Blessed Mother, she is at the finish line. She is at the defeat. She is standing by the Cross. Wherever we are, there she is. Loving, celebrating, consoling and protecting. Gracia Plena.

Peace, peace, peace, there must be peace?

No way lady.

There will never be peace because with peace, there is no cross. There is no penance. There are no martyrs. Christ would be a king here on earth, which we know never happens because the kingdom of earth belongs to the devil.

We deliver the beatitudes. They come to kill us. In every conceivable way. Dry martyrdom. We had a good run with this but we are now in another era. The murderer and liar from the beginning is already killing us in countries where his minions have been empowered with the help of Barack Hussein Obama. The slaughtering has commenced. In this country, they are building the mobs of vigilantes who will eventually carry it out here.

If you want to comprehend the erroneous nature of Merjivena, or whatever her name is, message, pull out the book of Revelation and see if you can find any peace in what has already begun. If you find peace written in those pages that the rest of us have somehow missed, do enlighten us. Those of us cruising on the Ark and being suckled by the Substance, these messages contradict 2000 years of theology and Christ whose Corpus is hanging from a Cross.

That is the peace which surpasses all understanding.

Bottom line: Steer clear of anathema.

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