Monday, May 13, 2013

Irish Journalist Sources Allege Cardinal O'Malley Promised Enda Kenny Diplomatic Absence

According to Niall O'Dowd's sources, Cardinal O’Malley had indicated agreement with a plan that would see him absent on the day at Boston College but with a plausible reason not directly related to Kenny for not attending

The staff would execute the plans whilst the Cardinal packs his suitcase and gets out of town.

A familiar aroma.

I got a kick out of this:
Both Boston College and the Irish government were of the opinion the matter had been handled sensitively on all sides and would quell the developing controversy when anti abortion groups began targeting Kenny.
With nine years of egg on their face, they were of the opinion they could quell Boston Catholic prolifers.

If true, and it certainly is the MO of the ICM (Irish Catholic Mafioso) that surrounds the Cardinal and runs it while he makes like Houdini, I would love to know the name of the person who gave them these assurances, wouldn't you?
This could have been dealt with, as originally intended, as a diplomatic matter, allowing everyone their space” said an Irish government senior source. "Instead it is now a circus.”
If they ever knew the salaries of the clowns, they'd choke on their circus peanuts.

Again - if true - this is certainly a bigger victory than we thought.

Stay tuned for the protest (and followup with the Holy See) in the next few days!


Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

I am staying tuned! Keep it up!

breathnach said...

This certainly fits with the Cardinal's modus operandi. Jack Connors and Donilon are masters at this sort of duplicitous chicanery. Happily pro-lifers were not caught flat-footed.

patrick said...

Ireland is a racket centered in Dublin
who now take their orders from EU.

What does this much publicized "humble friar"
really believe?

TTC said...

Patrick, the important thing to Catholics and parents is, what does he want his spiritual children to believe. The evidence of record shows his appointees to teach the faith are heretics, non-believers and those who teach the Church has it all wrong when it comes to human sexuality and sin.

After close to a decade of guarding this fiefdom by pretending he has nothing to do with it, attacking Catholics who ask him to stop it, I think the foregone and logical conclusion is, he wants our children to reject Church teaching.

His statement and boycott are excellent, but we want and need reform and nobody is going to have peace until we get it.

Anonymous said...

Was this another deal similar to His Eminence's Caritas/Centene proposed arrangement in 2009 for the then Catholic Caritas hospital system to make and profit from referrals to abortion services from the hospitals through the phony third party Commonwealth Family Health Plan?

Only pressure from and publicity by orthodox Catholic laity forced him to to back out of that fiasco.

StevenD-Jasper said...

Has anybody checked out this BC newspaper 'The heights'? God, what a liberal rag. No wonder so many Catholic students leave the faith. I'll will tell you, these Jesuits are bad news....I have friends and a Deacon that work at Concord state prison, the prison is more Catholic than BC.

breathnach said...


Good point re:the Caritas/Centene maneuver by the Cardinal and his minions. Perhaps that is where Sebelius and Obuma came up with their scheme i.e.the HHS mandate and the phony non-compromise.

The Chancery is more concerned with gaining the accolades of the World then putting forth the Truth. They trim and use their PR and political fix it boys in the hopes of somehow making an impression with the secular elites.

breathnach said...


The Heights has been a Leftist propaganda sheet since 1968.

There is an alternative at BC called The Observer at Boston College.
It actually espouses Roman Catholicism, and no surprise--there is no Jesuit influence!

susan said...

"The staff would execute the plans whilst the Cardinal packs his suitcase and gets out of town."

...can anyone say Dolan, on the eve of 'gay marriage' passing in New York?

StevenD-Jasper said...

Thank you Breathnach, yes big difference..