Monday, June 10, 2013

Obama Losing the Trust of the...Press!

I wonder if Bambam thought he'd never get caught treating journalists as a bigger security threat than the Taliban.

The most compelling thing in that story is, Quinnipiac found 49% of the people they polled still thought Obama was trustworthy.

I'd love to know if the same people think Charles Manson trustworthy.

What's their litmus test?


Anonymous said...

We are all left to wonder if this administration blackmailed people with all that internet spying? What about Justice Roberts support for Obama-Care? We have to re- examine history. The other problem is that all that "history" on each American can be digitally re-mastered into any lie to target anyone anytime in any way. Tyranny!

Karen said...

The fact that Congress appears castrated in acting against Obama or any of his administration despite the myriad of scandals speaks volumes about the reality of our new Amerika. The fix is in and it won't surprise me when they come to put me in one of those fine FEMA camps for non-compliance. I pray for courage! On the bright side, being on the higher end of my mid-fifties no longer seems so bad. It's the world that awaits young children who will never know true democracy that I lament. That said, I will continue to hope, pray and persevere!