Monday, June 10, 2013

IRS tells an American to "keep their religion to themselves"

The Communists are really getting bold.

Caught on tape.

We are not as stupid as we look:   Here's the transcript.

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Anonymous said...

Few know that several States violated their state laws in the manners in which the Fed Income Tax was ratified by "the required number of states". Most hear the IRS is unconstitutional and never ratified by the states and are shocked when they see THE FAKE numbers posted making it appear as if the Fed Tax got the required state votes. But as just one example ( maybe it was rhode island?) a constitutionally required waiting time was ignored so that those corrupt politicians were still in office to vote for it. Had they waited, the voice of that states people could have been heard to say NO to the admendment. That is the whole point of that State's Constitution requirering a MANDATORY wait until a new state legislature is voted in by the people. That is only one example. how many states violated law when Ratifying" the US Constitution to set up IRS and Fed Tax that Reagan determined ALL goes to pay the foreign Federal Reserve so called interest to the secret Banksters who own the Fed. No income tax pays for anything else - just interest on a fake debt. End The Fed! Jail the Banksters!