Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Obama-armed Rebels Massacre Entire Village of Christians

He is a no good liar and murderer.

The escalation of Obama's crusade to ethnic cleanse Chritians from the face of the earth is devastating. 

The silence is devastating.

The cowardice is devastating. 

The complicitness in these murders by Jack Connors, Bryan Hehir and company is devastating.

I am beside myself with grief.


aly said...

The terrorists have been supplied by Saudie Arabia and Quatar from the beginning. And all along we have had a number of U.S. Republicans yapping to arm the terrorists. Perhaps a number of Democrats have been for the same but have seemingly been more quiet,
more covert. Now Obama is openly on board. Oh and don't forget pro-gressive and conservative think tanks. Some people are confused,
including me as to what our interests really are. I've completely lost trust in D's and
R's. They disgust me.

Dymphna said...

I saw some photos of the village. It was sickening. I wish I could apologize to anyone who survived but it would be spitting the wind.

Anonymous said...

The Nobel Peace Prize winner Mr Barry Soetoro (now calling himself Barak Obama) has invaded one nation after another. Bush was also guilty of immoral wars. I would google "Syrian Girl" and "utube" and you will find a wonderful daughter of the former leader of Syria who is an enemy of the Assad Syrian government BUT she is more critical of Obama-Lead Mercinary Al Quida CIA forces who invaded her nation. She wants the INTERNATIONALISTS to get OUT of Syria and to let Syria decide for itself. She sees Obama and the UN as the greater threat to FREEDOM for the PEOPLE of Syria. Assad is her family's worst enemy but she prefers her worst enemy to Obama!!! You will enjoy listening to her and she knows the NEWS months before it happens. Pray for all Syrian PEOPLE - I do not pray for these Obama mercinaries who are the darlings of our Corporate Press.

Thanks for your good work Carol!

ur olde friend from FEMA Region #1

aly said...

TTC, Please say something about the Republicans and their Mouthpieces who have been drumbeating
and droning on and tweaking and ridiculing Obama for being weak and
not taken seriously by "the world".
What about these liars and murder

TTC said...

you lost me.

I do criticize politicians for the dangerous things they do to Americans or themselves - but if there is a bunch of them are saying Obama is a weak and dangerous President, I am with them on that one.

aly said...

Other than saying the idiot Nobel
Committee should ask for the prize back, which of course they won't
I'll leave the loathsome guy aside for now. What about John McCain being the first and loudest yapper to arm the Syrian terrorists? What about the neo-cons maneuvering. Now Obama without the majority consent of Congress is proceeding
according to the McCain Doctrine.
Who are the promoters of all this
wrong-headed involvement in the middle east that is resulting in chaos and murder of many innocent
people who have no political or
financial stake in this ruinous war? Why not post something about John McCain and the Neo-Con Think
Tanks. They are largely responsible for the chaotic state of things.

TTC said...


I am with you on John McCain. I think I have written a few posts about his trajectory over the past few years.

If my silence on something makes anyone think I support the crazy things going on in the world - or I'm not concerned about it - I apologize. It's really that I'm trying to use my time wisely.

I've never liked the term neocon. I don't know what it is. Since it's been applied to everyone with a moral compass!