Sunday, July 14, 2013


The post-Zimmerman stories are really something.

There is a lot of clowning around at a circus, isn't there.

The fringe is in full swing.

Take this crowd: Let's riot and steal merchandise from stores in honor of Trayvon.

And here's a copule of beauts.

Trayvon Benjamin Martin is dead because he and other black boys and men like him are not seen as a person, but a problem,”

All the little black boys and men are not seen a persons.


Let's straighten out that disinformation campaign right away: Only thugs suspended from school for breaking and entering tools, who come into strange neighborhoods, look into the windows of houses they don't live in and then climb on top of us to beat us and kill us with our own guns.

Same goes for a white dude.

Dr. Warlock went on to say blacks are the stigmatized mascot for the social misery of humanity and whitey projects all of their problems upon them.

The guy likes histrionics.

In Sanford, the modest Central Florida city where Mr. Martin was killed, the Rev. Valarie J. Houston drew shouts of support and outrage as she deplored “the racism and the injustice that pollute the air in America.”

That would be you lady and everyone else who refuses to admit you can't have a history of B&Es, troll neighborhoods you don't live in and walk up to houses to peer into windows. You can't crawl on top of people, break their nose, slam their heads into the cement and split their heads open and then try to steal their gun.

People are going to react to defend themselves.

It is as simple as that.

Hundreds of these incidents happen in Chicago every year.

How about this?

The difference is, the perps are black and Zimmerman isn't.

You didn't see any of these people crying out for Justice for Nicole Simpson. We all know why.

47 children were murdered in Chicago. WARNING - VULGAR LANGUAGE.

Now come the hard part staying alive, Zimmerman is mark for death my friend. An tell me this why all these white folks happy that he beat the case, whites hate Mexicans like they hate blacks. People need need to grow up I hate white people like they hate blacks an browns cause where I live people blacks an browns stay in the same hood an we get along. But what I see in the hood mostly a bunch of white folks in the hood buying alot of dope from the blacks an drowns. So to me whites ain't sh*t never been sh*t. Mothaf***as kills me but you p***y ass white folks that leave them lame ass comments keep bringing your money to the hood my people's love how you dumb f**ks spend that money we hood rich off that white man money ..

Here's another eloquent chap:

You palefaciaflatass albino slouch, your world is coming to and end, if the media didn't support you fake ass world. you would know that we f***ing your women and tow tagging yall albino as**s where im at. JUST US SERVED

His addendum:

PLUSSSSS what "hispanic" names there son George NOBODY! Hispanics name there kids Jorge. Ok? Case closed..the bi**h is WHITE

Get it? Naming your son George means the color of your skin is white and you're a bi*ch. Case closed.

Barack Hussein has set race relations back sixty years.

Pfleger's statements are reckless and dangerous. He is actually organizing riots

Leaving dangerous priests like this in place, whose actions could literally be responsible for several deaths, my confidence level that child rapists are being removed before their name shows up in a newspaper is pretty low.

Prayers for all.


Steve Dalton said...

Fr. Pflegler (aka Fr. Flakey)has always been a loose cannon in the Archdiocese of Chicago. He has always acted the part of a black, radical preacher, rather than behaving like a Catholic priest. He even talks like a black preacher. The only thing missing in Pflegler's act is blackface make up. Yep, Fr. Flakey's St. Sabina Minstrel's are now on stage (and the streets) and strutting their stuff!

Brian Schweiss said...

I live in Illinois, and I'm very familiar with the ongoing tensions between Fr. Pfleger and Cardinal George. :( This is one of the reasons why I'm praying a lot already for Cardinal George's eventual successor (Cardinal George has of course submitted his resignation to the Holy Father, which hasn't been accepted yet). I'm also praying a lot every day for Father Pfleger and St. Sabina Parish (for their conversion, and for a limit to their bad actions). Never a dull moment......

Anonymous said...


Starting a new organization in which the good Father is involved:

Chicago archdiocese launches ‘grassroots organizing’ group

Catholic World News – July 16, 2013

The Archdiocese of Chicago’s Office of Justice and Peace has launched a new organization to “unite Chicago Catholics in their baptismal call to build the Kingdom of God through the work of social justice.”

“Organizing Catholics for Justice unites Chicago Catholics through grassroots organizing to address the problem of injustice,” according to the organization’s website. “Our faith mandates that we fight the violence, racism, persecution, and injustice right here in our community.”

Additional sources for this story: Organizing Catholics for Justice