Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Remember the Bishops' Village People Liturgical dance in Rio?

According to this report, the dude who led them is a Brazilian porn star for magazines that foster promiscuous sex among our homosexual brothers and sisters.

Ooooooohhh, I get was a reality show.

In the same linked story comes news the organizers put the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ in plastic cups for consumption. Plastic cups that are thrown into the garbage.

It's Isaiah 53

Brings me to my knees.

Come on Lord.

Nothing is impossible for You.
You hold my world in Your Hands.


JB said...

My advice is to tune him out at this point. He is causing too much confusion with his poorly thought out off the cuff commentary, followed by "eh?" "no?" Go on youtube and listen to clips of John Paul II if you want to hear a pope talk about Christ clearly and directly, and with great passion.

Communion in plastic cups. We are not "to judge" homosexuality in the priesthood. We are not to "count rosaries as if it were the "forties." It's a circus at this point and I feel that the prophecy of La Salette has come to pass.

Theresa said...

The prophecy of La Salette is being fulfilled and now we await the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary...late as it may be, Our Lord told Sister Lucia that the Pope will repent and fulfill the humble request of Our Lady. Many rosaries still to be said....but who`s counting.

Theresa said...

Off subject but just read at the fishwrap Cardinal O`Malleys` statement that Bishop Francis hasn`t spoken on abortion because he`d rather focus on people loving one another and he doesn`t want to make Catholics look like old fashioned meanies!!!!What??!!!

Anonymous said...

Natonal Review's J-Lo in defense of Cardinal Sean and Pope Francis:

A Cardinal, the Pope, and the A-Word

By Kathryn Jean Lopez

August 7, 2013

TTC said...

You are kidding me, right?

Pope Francis is just too nice and loving to mention the people who are being murdered by tearing their limbs from their body with a vacuum or decapitated.

A perfect example of why the Germans were able to mass murder millions of Jews and Catholics who tried to help them.

TTC said...

Ok - I've read it.

Again, this is the devil at work in the media, taking things out of context. I owe an apology to the Cardinal on this one and will do some penance for him.

I'm going to tell you something. The diabolical fog is as thick as pea soup and I am in full agreement with a premise that we show them the love. I love the love. I missed the loving intimacy of Pope John Paul II.

But Pope John Paul did not ignore the people being murdered to demonstrate love. He did not suggest that we silence our pursuit of justice for them to save their lives.

They are not striking the right chord.

I think his interpretation of Pope Francis is an accurate portrayal of the shtick. The new gig is to ignore and abandon the cause to save lives to prove how loving we are.

There isn't a dime's worth of difference between saying we are ignoring the concentration camps and murders so we can teach the dignity of the human person.

Theresa said...

Thanks Anon for the redirect...I should know better than to read the fishwrap. My bad. Agree with Carol. Thanks again

Anonymous said...

Pope attacks abortion, defends human life from conception

Vatican City, 12 August (AKI) – Pope Francis on Monday reiterated the Catholic Church’s opposition to abortion, saying that human life must be preserved from the moment of conception.

“Human life must always be defended from its beginning in the womb and must be recognised as a gift of God that guarantees the future of humanity,” Vatican Radio cited Francis as saying in a message to mark Brazil’s National Family week.

The Argentinian pontiff’s remarks came in the wake of a new law approved last week by Brazil’s president Dilma Rousseff allowing its public healthcare system to administer the “morning-after pill” to rape victims.

Last month the pope went to Brazil on his first foreign trip as pontiff, drawing crowds of millions in various cities.

In Monday’s message, Francis urged Brazilian parents to teach their children “the fundamental truths of life and human love” amid a “throw-away culture”.

“Parents must convey to their children the knowledge that human life must always be defended, right from its onset in the maternal womb,” the pope stated.