Saturday, December 14, 2013

Franciscans of the Immaculate - Update

Seems there is a lot of commotion about the Vatican's coup of Franciscans of the Immaculate.

Admittedly, I have not intimately followed recent events on this story.

I did in the beginning. In light of the Pope's statements about practicing and faithful Catholics in love with the doctrines and Sacred Liturgy that are weird, I dug into the substance to see if I could find sedevacanists.

When it became clear to me the order indeed had an infestation of sedevacanists, I checked out.

The story has grown legs (again) over the last week, so I checked back in.

Wading through the emotional stuff to look for substance, I found the source of concern: The Franciscans of the Immaculate have been asked to take an oath the Sacramental validity of the Novus Ordo.

And the burden of that would be what?

It is valid.

There are a few places and times when it is not - Paulist Center and other places that are using invalid matter, not saying the Canon - but Pope Paul VI had the power to bind the Novus Ordo Missae as valid and so valid it is.

The heresy of saying it isn't valid is about the power to bind.

If you reject the pontifical power to bind you're as guilty of heresy as "women's ordination" groups.

It's the same doctrinal flaw.

It's valid. Say it and move on.

The Novus Ordo is valid. The teaching of heresies, demoralization and amoralization, sophomoric, lame and clown antics distract those who see and pray the mystical journey from the Praetorium through His Execution and Resurrection and a Canonical right to refuge exists. Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum.

The Novus Ordo is valid. Here's a copy of bulletins announcing liturgies themed for clapping fornication, priests bringing sorcerers so you can talk to your dead relatives, homilies, pamphlets, programs and catechetical resources filled with apostacy, archdiocescan contracts outsourcing abortion for profit. Here's a copy of America Magazine.

You know what Pope Francis has done and said about the operating schism within?


You know what oaths he's asked the operating schismatics to take about the Sacred Doctrines of Our Church?


Rather, Pope Francis has conveyed that he can't make judgments about these theologically disordered individuals. When one refuses to make judgments, one is not accountable to take actions to discipline them or ask them to take oaths.

But Pope Francis has made judgments about Catholics practicing and evangelizing doctrines that guide prohibitions against immorality and killing people. He's caricatured them as sourpusses who are obsessed with small-minded rules.

See where faithful Catholics are going with this?

The fact that you are standing here on behalf of the Pope asking faithful Catholics who have fled the undisciplined and operating internal schism for the refuge on Motu Proprio Sommorum Pontificum to take an oath of fidelity - rather than asking those operating the internal schism - adds to the fuel to the speculation that Pope Francis is about to dismantle the structure and power of the Roman Catholic Church, formalize and memorialize the counterfeit church and schism that has passive-aggressively been empowered through their lack of discipline and action and hand it over to the dogs.

The Novus Ordo is valid. Here's another copy Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum for His Holiness. Please inform him that the days when we sit in the pews of the operating schism and counterfeit church under his or any other Pope's watch are over. Gonzo.

This is a case wherein His Holiness is all mixed up about that judgmental policy he has going on. He has our support and prayers but we are not as stupid as we look.

The Novus Ordo is valid.

Any more questions?

If that is all I shall wish you adieu.

Good day to you sir.

Check mate.

I don't mean to suggest that the active oppression of those in the Chanceries or at the Vatican doesn't exist. We know that it does and it is a real threat.

Motu Proprio in this diocese (and perhaps most) is indeed obfuscated and obstructed by the underhanded apostates in power at the Chancery.

But hitching the wagons to sedevacanists does serious harm to the cause of freedom from the reprobates operating the schismatic counterfeit within.

Moreover, the situation in this diocese has them over the barrel. Too many parishes, not enough priests. Operation Egg on Face is in full swing. We have snitches planted everywhere. They can do nothing in the darkness. Every attempt at persecution of faithful Catholics is disclosed in the public square. The corrupt have limited efficacy to retaliate.

The Franciscans of the Immaculate don't want to say the Novus Ordo is valid?

There's something else going down. IMHO.


Theresa said...

If there`s an oath that should be taken ...How about the Antimodernist Oath done away with at VII! Pope Francis and the rest of his VII cronies should be first on the list. It`s definitely not a Sedevacanist issue,but rather a continuation of the dismantling of the One True Faith by individuals who for all intents and purposes are being controlled by Old Grapin and despise the Latin Mass!

Aged parent said...

My friend,

I am curious as to what evidence you have regarding sedevacantism in that Order. If you could share that I believe it would be most helpful.

In any case I am at a loss to understand why the punishment for said crime, or any other for that matter, is to deprive them of a legitimate Rite of the Catholic Church. Such a punishment is hardly Catholic, let alone charitable or just regardless of the crime committed.

It would be like telling a naughty sick child that his punishment for being naughty would be to deprive him of the medicine that would make him well.

With best wishes for Advent...

Anonymous said...

When Francis gets this serious about clerical sex-abuse or about the billions the Vatican owns in stocks, bonds, certificates, etc. that are not going to dioceses that need them to keep schools and parishes open, then his "morals" should be taken seriously.

So far, Francis is all talk. Perhaps that's why Time Magazine named him "Person of the Year."

TTC said...

Agent Parent,

What I read about the history seemed to indicate it was all on the up and up until a group of daffy nuns took them for a ride on their emotions and drove the thing to the edge of the sedevacanism cliff. If my memory serves, there were sadly only a few priests who were involved in the culture war but it seemed the Holy See jumped in to save the others and the order from the momentum. Again, if my memory serves, there was no objection to the evidence the nuns were off of the reservation - the defense was it was a small group of houligans in what is basically a sound and canonically licit and faithful culture.

Does this resonate with your understanding?

Objections to ratifying the Roman Pontiff's power to bind teaching always has and always will adjudicate matters for any honest and objective person whose heart lies with and is loyal to Christ's One, Holy and Apostolic Church.

I absolutely, wholeheartedly agree with you that the deprivation of the Latin Rite is illicit, inexcusable and indicates there is another snake in the den. With all of the damage the Jesuits are doing to hundreds of thousands of souls, and edict depriving the Jesuits of the Novus Ordo said no Pope evah.

The edict sickens me, and the lack of a takeover of Jesuit seminaries with a cease and desist on ordinations therein does not go unnoticed.

TTC said...

ps - Blessed Advent to you and yours!

Aged parent said...


Thank you for the additional info. I am operating on the typical definition of classic "sedevacantism" which is the belief that the Holy See is vacant. If some in the Order were merely saying that the Pope is off his rocker that is one thing, and is not particularly "sedevacantist". If they were denying that Francis is a true Pope then that would be a problem.

Still, you don't fight a disease by withholding the medicine that will help you.

Thank you for the kind Advent wishes.

TTC said...

There is no question that comparing what a Pope says to the 2000 years of doctrine and determining that the Pope is off of the reservation is NOT sedevacanism - by any stretch of the imagination of lucid Catholics.

When I look for substance, I weed that out - so for me to draw the conclusion that the nuns were saying more than the Pope is off of his rocker. (LOL!)

I can't say there is never a situation that demands a cease and desist of TLM. I don't know, really. It would seem that forbidding TLM is about as pertinent to whatever errors are happening as ordering Fr. Unni to staying the Novus Ordo relative to his clapping adultery ministry at St. Cecelia's of the Mattress.

From what I read of this situation, it seems like this situation is grossly disproportionate and therefore disconcerting - especially given the damage the Jesuits who control our educational facilities and are misleading hundreds of thousands - flourish without discipline.

The stench of duplicity overwhelms.

TTC said...

nb - we could write an epistle on the errant priests of the Novus Ordo - such as the priest above who is assisting souls on how to incorporate spirituality adistic violence with leather into human sexuality

It is hard to take the Holy Father seriously when he lets the real problems flourish to bust down the doors of TLM community to hand out prohibitions of saying TLM.

The wrong place at the wrong time. The wrong message. The wrong priorities.

Other than that Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?

TTC said...

nb - we could write an epistle on the errant priests of the Novus Ordo - such as the priest above who is assisting souls on how to incorporate spirituality sadistic violence with leather into human sexuality.

He doesn't want to make a judgment on this priest but he sends out his ferrets into the Franciscans of the Immaculate to make judgments and issue edicts of discipline.

Words and actions - along with the deliberate avoidance of them - have consequences. Conclusions are being drawn that see reasonable - though may in reality be unfair.

It is hard to take the Holy Father seriously when he lets the real problems flourish to bust down the doors of TLM community to hand out prohibitions of saying TLM.

The wrong place at the wrong time. The wrong message. The wrong priorities.

Other than that Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?