Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Boston Priest Advances the Mercy of Pope Francis

We really know how to pick them here.

Boston priest Tony Medeiros  is out in the public square advising a terminally ill woman (and all who read) that there is no more judgement in Christ's Church,just the divine mercy of walking with you, so go right ahead and kill yourself .

This is a classic example of the agenda being 'pushed' by Cardinal Kasper, Marx and Pope Francis.

A woman is faced with a life-threatening crisis affecting her body, mind and soul and there are two forces at work.

In a beautiful example of Christian charity, another terminally ill woman, Kara Tippetts, has issued a passionate plea asking her to reconsider killing herself.

What does that provoke from the team of Pope Francis who wants to advance the divine mercy of accompanying us on our journies to self-destruction?

According to the Boston Herald, Father Tony believes God has given Brittany free will “to do anything she wants. She can take those (life-ending) pills, or flush them down the toilet. It is completely up to her.” But he wants to support Brittany with hope and compassion, not judgment.

I never heard of the priest before, so I did a little diligence and found he is associated with Redemptoris Mater Archdiocesan Missionary Seminary. I never heard of that before and figured it was Protestant, but alas, here is a picture of Cardinal Sean in the middle of the group of seminarins wearing shirts and ties in a formal seminary pic with the Cardinal.

The seminary describes itself as such:

Redemptoris Mater Seminaries are a fruit of the Second Vatican Council and an inspiration of the Servant of God, Pope John Paul II. Redemptoris Mater is Latin for "Mother of the Redeemer."

The fruit of the Second Vatican Council? What is that supposed to mean?

Jesus didn't speak to their souls like the 2000 years of other men he called to ordination, a council whose theology robbed people of sanctifying grace which then emptied the pews, inspired them.

Anyone know what this seminary is? Is it the neocats?

If so, I had no idea they were this dangerous.

There isn't a dime's worth of theological difference between Fr. Medeiros failure to respond to the terminally ill woman in crisis and the agenda of Pope Francis who is asking Christ's priests to stop teaching the faith, show people the good side of their spiritual suicides and accompany them as they carry it out.

Not a dime's worth.

I found this post by Fr. Ray Blake,outstanding.

It is a very transparent and accurate picture of the internal schism, the elephant that has been in our Sanctuaries for decades and is squatting in the Chair of Peter.

Something happened in Rome during Pope Bendict's reign and it was overcome. I don't subscribe to conspiracy theories but it is painfull obvious, at least to me, that Cardinal Kasper and Marx were involved in the coup.

I echo Michael Voris Vortex from yesterday -- let's just say for the sake of argument, it's all true we have a bad pope, etc - so what?!! The Pope cannot change the deposit of faith and we wait him out. He is up against daily Mass goers whose prayers are lifted in the Holy Sacrifice. I wish him a lot of luck. He has my prayers!


Anonymous said...

It's one of the eight Neo-Cat seminaries in the US (according to Wiki: Boston, Brooklyn, Newark, Philly, DC, Miami, Dallas & Denver - NeoCats were highly favored under the pontificate of JP2 and many bishops he raised).

Anonymous said...

sent a link to you on your email concerning The Neocatechetical way.....not good at the pasting thing sorry....... Fr Z did a bit that will be helpful.

Anonymous said...

In Fr Blake's blog it was wondered what kind of costume Cardinal Kasper should wear - it is obvious:


Howdy Doody is a wooden puppet who looks like Card. Kasper and has that same smile painted on his face. Most important is that Howdy Doody has no voice of his own - his voice comes from Buffalo Bob. Well Kasper Doody claims his voice comes from the Pope. No, I am not going to disrespect the Pope by suggesting he is Buffalo Bob; because, as Carol said, we must respect Popes: but we disagree and help him stay on the Truth as did St Paul.

Yes - the synod was like the Howdy Doody audience - there was the "peanut gallery" of young immature children like Kasper Doody - but there was also a parents section where Card. Burke sat.

Anyway - back to the Kasper Doody puppet: Howdy Doody spent half his TV show selling bleached white Wonder Bread that he told childrens made thier bodies grow in 12 ways (yea - like grow fat and develop diabetes). And Howdy Doody sold kids sugar filled Kellog's cereals to top off their clinically high blood sugar levels and build up arterial plaque with the trans fats to make them "taste great!". Card. Kasper Doody is more dangerous - selling children and young adults sin as a lifestyle choice and calling it healthy - like buiding your soul in 10 ways by breaking all 10 Commandments.

That Card. Kasper Doody smile makes my skin crawl.

Connecticut Catholic Corner said...

We are on the same page today about the damage Pope Francis is doing. Yet we know the Holy Spirit will keep the Faith, even against progressives in the Church.



In Christ,

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner

Steve Dalton said...

Voris is pushing apathy with his "so what if he's a bad pope" meme. But I understand why he has to do it. If he publically reverses himself, it would be too much of a blow to his pride,
ego, and pocketbook. It pays to attack the bishops, but to point the finger at the one who appoints and is in charge of these bad bishops would mean forsaking the income he has coming in to CMTV. Funny, I don't remember the prophets of old being that concerned about money or who they criticized.

TTC said...

Ok, ya, saw today's vortex and it is lame.

TTC said...

Julie, outstanding post !

Anonymous said...

All this talk about Voris may be helpful to at least keep me more behaved- Above I respect the Pope but MOCK a human being who is also a Cardinal - I just could not hold my Howdy Doody jokes back and felt i could be wrong even before i posted it. I could have just let my yes be yes and my no be no as Jesus taught. So I repent and reword my message by saying that as someone who would like to see fallen liberals repent and walk with Jesus instead of with pop culture --- and as someone who feels that my ability to have a family and raise them properly has been undermined by "confusion" recently generated - as such a lay person , I am a "No" to Cardinal Kasper's theological ideas. I honestly think there are better ways that are fully Catholic to do things that the Pope said he wants - such as preach JESUS AND REPENTENCE like Billy Graham and then tell the the good news that Jeses is pro-life. Father Pavone also thinks that people will only be prolife when they truly find Jesus (not exact quote). Also Saint Mother Teresa said that unless we are charitable nobody will listen to us - and she lived heroic charity in Calcutta - then when she spoke prolife people could not dismiss her opinion but question their own. So I suggest Card Kasper and the Pope consider those ways rather than some ideas that may not work as well or could backfire.