Thursday, October 16, 2014

Synod Day 10: If you like your lover, you can keep your lover

Lots of news today.

Cardinal Kasper fine tuned his practice of deception.

Here's the audio of Cardinal Kasper saying it.

Grandpa...what big teeth you have!

Before I get to the dust up over Pope Francis attempt to bury the evidence that discloses what he is doing to Christ's Church and His people, I wanted to point out Cardinal Shonborn's revelation of what Pope Francis thinks.

He said what Pope Francis is doing at the synod a bit like the tension between Mommies and Daddies.

While Mommies will tell you its too dangerous when you shack up with your sexual lover, Daddies will tell you to go ahead, be not afraid.

When you want to have sex outside of marriage, the role of Christ's Church is to say positive things to encourage you on your sojourn.

If we knew this was Pope Francis theme on the role of the Church to help Catholic families, packages of condoms with positive messages would have made fun chachkies.

"If you like your lover, you can keep your lover"

"Don't make a judgment about what you're doing - Be not afraid"

"Be careful. Condoms for Saints. Full stop."

Think of the positives. Condoms will help the world fight Ebola.

Speaking of which, while the rest of the world googles 'Ebola' every few hours, we are googling "synod"!

I can pretty much come up with a positive side of everything.

If we steal a car, we'll have wheels to go to beautiful places.

If we kill our unborn children, we'll save a boatload of money -- why, we can even give to the Cardinal's appeal.

If we give free crack to the junior high kids, maybe they won't shoot heroin.

Give us a break.

Pope Francis sat through the synod session, once again looking like an innocent bystander. Until Cardinal Baldisseri announced Pope Francis decision that small group summaries would be buried.

A big scuffle ensued.

The Secretary of the Synod, Card. Balidisseri, was watching the Pope, as if in search of advice and lights, and the Pope remained silent and very serious...

This in full view of the Pope, who seems not to have shown his hand, but also who seems not to have been pleased at what was going on....

Apparently, Card. Pell was the first one to rise up against Card. Baldisseri. When Baldisseri made the announcement, Card. Pell took the floor and said that the reports had to be published and that they were tired of the manipulation.

From that point, the bishops also rose up. When Baldisseri repeated his position, he was effectively shouted down.

At that point, Card. Baldisseri turned to the Pope and got the nod to publish.

I am still flabbergasted that a Pope would misuse his authority to recruit heretics to filibuster Church teaching and take a vote on producing a document with talking points on how to turn the mission of Christ's Church into a institution that teaches cohabitation, contraception homosexual sex is positive and good.

I just can't get over how absolutely insidious it all is, how quiet he was about his intention to present and vote on distributing these perverted convictions to Christ's lambs.

I digress.

The link to the Circuli Minores is HERE.

Cardinal Burke's group, as expected, straightened the crooked paths.
For example, where the Relatio appeared to be suggesting that sex outside of marriage may be permissible, or that cohabitation may be permissible, we have attempted to show why such lifestyles do not lead to human fulfillment. At the same time, we want to acknowledge that there are seeds of truth and goodness found in the persons involved, and through dedicated pastoral care these can be appreciated and developed. We believe that if we imply that certain life-styles are acceptable, then concerned and worried parents could very easily say “Why are we trying so hard to encourage our sons and daughters to live the Gospel and embrace Church teaching?”

A number of parents will respond by deciding the Pope has robbed the teachings of the Church of their moral authority and consequently nothing they say would have any effect. When their children tell them they want to move in with their girlfriend - last month, they would have defended Church teaching, this month, the children will move in without the opportunity to hear what every Catholic parent would tell them.

But I actually think the consequences of this are much, much worse.

Priests will not bother to contradict the Pope's contradictions of Church teaching. The Pope has robbed them of any efficacy.

I believe the most damaging consequence will happen - and has already happened - in families like ours.

 Parents who will encourage our sons and daughters to embrace Church teaching even when the Pope contradicts it. In families like ours, our children stood a chance of resisting the temptation. Their peers and the community had a witness on how two young people faithfully fulfill God's Covenant. We'll never give up - but last month, our children would followed Church teaching, this month, the children will inform us of Pope Francis index of positives in shacking up - and go right ahead and do it.

He's robbed us all. It is Grand larceny.


Damask Rose said...

Dear Tenth Crusade Mum, I just want to say that your reporting on this Synod is brilliant.

"Priests will not bother to contradict the Pope's contradictions of Church teaching. The Pope has robbed them of any efficacy."
[Include parents struggle to pass on the fait as discussed.]

Re the priests, I can't believe they'll just chuck it all in. It's obvious the 'Relatio' is a pack of lies, how could they go against the Magisterium, catechism and Gospel? I suspect some nasty priests will, but I can't believe it of the majority.

Parents will just have to teach their kids the truth from the beginning. There's this YouTube where Bishop Richard Williamson catechises on bringing children up in the faith (it's very good, in my opinion). It's a long time since I watched it, but I think he says, that kids should be brought up with the 'mind of the Church'. Well, I hope this revolution of Bishops against the Relatio sorts things out pretty quick.

Anonymous said...

The modernist Commonweal rag is defending Kardinal Kasper's komments:

No, Cardinal Kasper is not a racist. (relevant excerpts); by Grant Gallicho

Those comments ... do little more than state the obvious truth that a one-size-fits-all pastoral approach doesn't work in a global church.

Of course, there is nothing condescending, or xenophobic, or discriminatory, or--and let's just use the word that the most strident critics want us to think of--racist about Kasper's remarks. Look at what he said: Africa is not like the West when it comes to homosexuality ... Yes, he said "you can't speak about this with Africans and people from Muslim countries." But he didn't mean that it's a waste of time, or they're impossible ... [He has] a kind of verbal tic when he [is] trying to describe a difficult situation: "It is not possible."

But Pentin wants more. So he presses, "They're not listened to?" And Kasper says, "Yes, in Africa, of course"--then Pentin fills in--"where it's a taboo." Again, are we supposed to be shocked to see a Western European cardinal explaining that in Africa homosexuality is a taboo subject?

More of this nonsense at

TTC said...


I really appreciate your input and kind support. I hope I'm wrong and you are right. We've experienced the shrivel under Cardinal O'Malley. It wasnt a complete fold, but close to it.

We have a lot of work ahead of us, for sure.

Anonymous said...


If it were as taboo in the Vatican as it is in Africa, we'd all sleep a little better at night.

Steve Dalton said...

Kasper's comments about black African attitudes on sodomy shows how out touch he is with them and the church's traditional teaching on morality. It's not just blacks in Africa that have negative feelings about the queers, it's common in most black societies. Foe example, in Jamaica, there are popular songs that talk about killing the gay boys. Can you imagine that in the US? And one island in the same area actually banned a gay cruise ship from docking in one of their harbors! I hope his foolish remarks send him into a well deserved obscurity for what's left of his life.