Thursday, October 16, 2014

"Will" Catholics faithful to the fiat of fidelity to Christ's Teachings "Turn on Pope Francis"?

John Allen asks.

The story has a problem with tense.

They already have.

He's crossed the Rubicon and we've burned the bridges down.

If the final document contains anything resembling Monday’s draft, it’s likely criticism of Francis will intensify.

Combine that with speculation that in the near future Francis will remove Burke from his position at the Apostolic Signatura, the Vatican’s supreme court, and it’s not difficult to imagine that many on the Catholic right could conclude, once and for all, that Francis is not on their side.

Which just so happens to be the side where 2000 years of defined truth is anchored.

But there's a miracle in the making.

For at least ten years Catholics have been asking wealthy donors to stop giving the bishops money - and tell them why you cut them off. Quit their committees, resign from their boards and councils, stop answering the phone.

I think they've finally got it.

Yet there will be a price to pay.

What people generally think of as “conservative” Catholics are often among the Church’s most dedicated members, among other things serving as major financial donors. Already, one head of a conservative think tank in Rome this week said he’d gotten a call from one of his benefactors saying that if things keep going the way they are, he was going to stop ponying up.

More broadly, Catholics typically labeled as “conservative” are often people who carry water for the Church at all levels, from the local to the universal. If that pool of human capital begins to dry up, it could make it more difficult for Francis to advance his agenda.

Even John Allen is admitting "Francis" is advancing an agenda.

The God of surprises has a surprise for Pope Francis' agenda: No tickee, no shirtee.

I don't think the bishops have come to Jesus on the line in the sand they've drawn.

They are just not getting it.

At no time in the history of Christ's Church has there been a crisis of this magnitude. Maybe going back to St. Athinasius. But not in the last 1700 years. The mood in faithful Catholic circles is irreconcilable, determined, prepared for battle and as ticked off as I have ever experienced in the pews. People are really, really hot under the collar.

By the time this is over, the scuffles over their ordaining and shuffling pedophiles is going to seem like a fight in the kindergarten schoolyard.

A coup of the Chair of Peter to rob our children of their salvation was the last cheap trick.

When Mommy and Daddy ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.


M. Prodigal said...

At least some of the wolves are much more visible now. And those who suspected that at the very least the humble pope was truly a modernist Jesuit in every sense, are seeing that their intuition was correct.

BUT we much pray for the conversion of all these unfaithful prelates! That is our job. Stop giving money--that's fine but we cannot stop the prayer.

Anonymous said...

According to the Boston Globe's Crux (, the Soros-funded Faithful America lobby has a ...

... Petition supporting Pope Francis [and his LGBT agenda]circulating in the US

By Crux Staff
October 16, 2014

An organization called Faithful America is circulating an electronic petition asking Catholics and other Christians to “stand with Pope Francis” against those who would water down language in a Synod of Bishops report that was welcoming to gays, lesbians, and those living together outside of marriage.

“Instead of repeating hurtful language describing LGBT people as ‘intrinsically disordered,’ the organization wrote on its website, “the bishops are considering recognizing the spiritual gifts and sacrificial love of same-sex couples, and calling for them to be more fully welcomed into the church. But already, right-wing American activists are trying to force the bishops to backtrack. ... “So American Christians of all stripes who stand with Pope Francis need to speak out in support.”

Faithful America describes itself as “the largest and fastest growing online community of Christians putting faith into action for social justice.”

TTC said...

So the man behind the funding of the culture of death is the force behind Pope Francis.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! May God bless you, all near and dear to you, and his works at your hands. Please pray for the Church and us!

Seppe said...

The Cardinal's warm support and promotion for John Allen and the Crux have also shown where O'Malley's interests and agenda are focused...

As you note, there is a great deal of wealth behind those who are promoting this agenda, compliments of George Soros and the Culture of Death...

Pray for the Pope, the Cardinals, and the Church...