Friday, October 17, 2014

The Pope's Circus Wordsmythes Adultery from Precious Support vs. Valuable Support

When you pick up somebody in a barroom and take them home to sleep with you, Pope Francis is shifting the response of priests for 2000 years to helping us all see the value we can receive from the activity.

For instance, after the sex, you could ask the individual to help you pay the electric bill or fix the leaking faucet.

When we are not feeling well, our sexual partners can give us a sponge bath.

Get it?

This is saintly.  Full stop.

Pope Francis is trying to get us to see that our children actually benefit from cohabitation and adultery.

The more I think about it, this could be the fix for the problem I have getting the lawn mowed.

When the grass gets ankle deep, I could run to the nearest barstool and grab me some of St Faustina's Divine Mercy.

The corporal works of mercy of Christ's Church have shifted to immoral sex and sacriligious Communion.  

The first caricature of the benefits received from adultery was described as "precious support".

After the uproar, they felt it would help us to accept the Pope's skullsuggery if they reduced the benefits from precious support to valuable support.

Is there a rubber ball on the end of my nose?

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Anonymous said...

Well we know there's one at the end of the bishop of rome's nose ....we've seen the photo op.