Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Cardinal O'Malley's Reflection on his 60 Minutes Interview

I am a bit late posting this, but it deserves an honorable mention.

In the event you haven't read Cardinal O'Malley's post interview thoughts about his 60 minutes interview, here's the link:


I don't know how many times I have been exasperated by the lack of honesty after a bishop and now the Pope, makes a booboo.

Hundreds of times I have wondered, when they see the reactions of the recipients of their messages and realize it went awry, why they just can't acknowledge the need for clarity and attempt to dispel the smoke and recalibrate the message, explaining what they intended to convey.

As God is my witness, the almost two years now of Pope Francis refusing to do it, it is the most compelling sign that he is full of baloney.

Clearly, Cardinal O'Malley got an earful from a lot of people who watched or got wind of the interview.

His remarks in the 60 minutes interview on Bishop Finn were cheap.  There is no due process in the Church.   Like the poor Ferguson policeman who was beaten in his cruiser by Michael Brown and killed him in self defense and lying lynch mob made false statements to the press, if the media can round up people who have an ax to grind against the Church, they use the newspapers to convict him.

The witch hunt is due process.

His clarification didn't go far enough but it was decent. I was very pleasantly surprised to see it handled in such a forthright and honest manner. It was refreshing.

Has Terrance (his head of communications)moved onto greener pastures or is he taking a respite from maligning and slandering faithful Catholics who complain about the sophomoric three ring circus?

Truth be told, I didn't buy into the spin he put on the nuns leading souls into hell generation after generation.    Having the rug pulled out from underneath their apostate show makes them feel alienated?

Cry me a river.

We are too busy worrying about the souls they mislead to waste a cell of our brains thinking about their widdle hurt feelings.  The pedophiles do less damage.  Patronizing their bitter arrogance with sappy caricatures of wounded women is not helpful.

I did love his ending. His expression that bishops are human and love Christ's Church was from his heart.

Just one teeny tiny little thing though...if I may...

Catholics who want our fiat taught and lived struggle with the concept that a bishop who deprives and starves the flock, or feeds them poison that ends in spiritual death, is loving the Church
It is like a father who supplies his children with booze and pot and tries to tell everyone willing to listen that he is loving his family.

The kiddies may be LOL all day long after daddy smokes a joint with them. The laughter may seem constructive progress to happiness.

It isn't.

The bishops and the Pope are way off track.

If I hail a taxicab, I just want a ride to where I am going. The driver may want to entertain me with his harmonica. He may have his own need to feel good about himself by making people laugh.

When I get in the backseat, he may decide he wants to hijack the ride and drive me around until he thinks he's conveyed how much he loves me.

These things are inappropriate.

A bishop is a man who is charged with teaching the tools for salvation.

As is the Pope.

When we come to Church, we want Sanctifying Grace. We want it for ourselves and the people we love. We don't need or want religious entertainment or a boost for our self esteem.

A bishops job is to make sure the priests are giving it to Christ's people. And that is the Pope's job.

They've got to love Christ's Church enough to feed His Sheep the Sanctifying Grace He sacrificed His Life to Deposit in His Church, in Its teachings and Sacraments.

Bishops are not ambassadors of good will, they are martyrs.

They speak the teachings of the Church whether convenient or inconvenient.

That is what makes them at odds with the seats of political powers.

The people of Boston are being demoralized by priests and teachers that fall under the responsibility of Cardinal O'Malley.

Forget about 60 Minutes and the Boston Globe. Come home, sit in your office and relieve us of the tyrants who are depriving us all of Sanctifying Grace.


Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Did you catch O'Malley's quip about how so many people watch 60 Minutes? Was that a Freudian slip in which he admitted apprehension and suspicion that he was actually under some rigorous scrutiny?

JB said...

Women "are often smarter, harder working and holier than men". Oh please. Please stop pandering to feminism Cardinal. I have news for you: women are just as capable of being lazy and unholy as men. And as obtuse (witness many of Norah's questions). This constant need to deify women has no basis in reality. Jesus forgave an adulterer - - she was a woman.

Let's get off the gender bandwagon and get back to the fundamentals as Carol says: the sacraments, fidelity to Christ's words, imparting sanctifying grace (to weak men and women), and saving souls.

TTC said...

Janet, insure did! I don't think it was a slip. I thin there a tsunami of phone calls explaining the blunders. Still, it's been ten years of attacking and slandering people who inform him of their objections to errors and wrongdoing. This was refreshing.

JB, I lol at your comment. I agree gender has nothing to do with intelligence and holiness. Women do posses instincts in matters of the heart and soul, which is why their service as an intercessor belongs in the family and community. I don't take a shine to packaging their deadly sins as hurt feelings.

JB said...

I agree Carol. He should just say "THAT is the way God ordered it. Some things just are the way they are, and the normal person should be very careful about second guessing God's wisdom."

Now when a person doesn't believe Jesus was God, that's when these politicized questions get bandied about: "it's not fair," "it's discriminatory," "how dare the Church do this" etc etc.

So it comes down to the same old question Jesus asked his apostles: "who do you say that I am?"

A question Norah, at least, should think long and hard about.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Was it a clarification? I didn't notice any softening of his controversial statements, especially his condemnation of Bishop Finn. I recently blogged on this myself and included an article by Bishop Finn's neighboring bishop that was a much fuller examination of the issues surrounding the witch hunt. Cardinal O'Malley is willing to celebrate the lives of those who champion the murder of millions of babies in the womb like Ted Kennedy and the mayor of Boston. He seems to have no problem coddling heretics. This article about the 60 minutes interview left me cold.

TTC said...



You did a phenomenal job with your post. The details of how Bishop Finn handled the case make Cardinal O'Malley's statements all the more offensive to just people.

The irony of this is, there is a history under his own administration of a priest known to take on male adult lover who was and is assigned as a chaplain to a college, where vulnerable young sexually struggling men flock to him. I am not suggesting the relationships he is forging with these young men are sexual, but they are inappropriate. The priest has already been sent away for a spiritual respite, nobody knows why, but came back to the same assignment.

Another priest is running his parish like a chapel and has been disappearing from Sunday afternoon to Saturday for years. Another was involved in a porno book about the sexual debauchery of Boston priests, most of them from a Franciscan shrine under the ultimate supervision of Cardinal O'Malley, but also involving a few diocesan priests. The stories were allegedly told to the author by the priests.

There are several others whose conduct would call rational supervisors to scrutiny, but have been protected from accountability for years.

Any bishop, including Cardinal O'Malley could be subject to mishandling what he knew or should have know about a priest sewing his wild oats somewhere with somebody.

That is what made the slander of Bishop Finn so egregious.

I do believe Cardinal O'Malley loves Christ's Church, loves the poor and I do think he recognizes that as hard as we all try, none of us has all the pieces to the puzzle and we need each other.

The problem I see is the underlying unwillingness to recognize the broken logic that permeates every blunder. They think that by coddling and giving teaching authority to the German Bishops or apostate priests and nuns, the German Bishops, coddle the enemies to the family in the culture and government -twisting their demoralizing antifamily and prokilling agendas into the image of St. Joseph, those of us at home who are under the tyranny of these monsters will not publicly expose the slavery they are selling our children and our country into.

And it is slavery.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to have found these comments. I was so saddened when I saw the preview to Cardinal O'Malley's interview and even more so when I watched it in its entirety. After watching the preview, I immediately sent an e-mail to the Cathedral about Cardinal O'Malley's inappropriate comments about Bishop Finn. Until such time as the Pope sees fit to transfer the good bishop or to remove him, he remains the sitting bishop in KC. Cardinal O'Malley must feel pretty cozy with the Pope to feel he had the right to make such comments about Bishop Finn to the media. He threw Bishop Finn under the bus. No public statement should have come from him. Any statement should have come from the Holy See after a decision, if any, were made on the status of Bishop Finn and only after he were apprised of such a decision. O'Malley's statement does little to correct this nor does he assume responsibility and apologize for this failure on his part. I hope God treats him the same way he felt compelled to treat his brother priest. Shameful!

Anonymous said...

"I don't know how many times I have been exasperated by the lack of honesty after a bishop and now the Pope, makes a booboo."

Well, now you know why Mark Shea acts the way he does.