Sunday, November 9, 2014

Family now under the influence of the Pope Francis attack

I can't subject myself to the articles about Pope Francis demotion and exile of Cardinal Burke posted by long suffering Catholic journalists who have been luring our children into adultery and sexual debauchery, but I have been reading the headlines.

I have also been fielding questions from readers who tell me stories about how their relatives and loved ones have put adultery on full throttle, citing the counterfeit deposit of faith Pope Francis has generated with his...I am groping for charity here...statements and actions contrary to Church teaching and obfuscation of teaching.

These journalists have been permitted to use the name Catholic and flourish, while the see of bishops, the majority of which desire to license adultery from their own chanceries, have focused stripping The name Catholic from those who are trying to expose the counterfeit church they have erected within.

If I am reading the tone in the titles of articles on Pope Francis removal of Cardinal Burke written by journalists with long histories of selling sexual debauchery and adultery, they are now claiming Pope Francis agrees with their agenda and is advancing it at the Holy See.

There is no evidence to the contrary.

The Pope's public witness tells a story to our children and the people we love.

That story subverts any Church teaching we have taught in the past and it neutralizes if not renders completely ineffective, any attempt we make to persuade them that celibacy, chastity, Sacramental Marriage until death, Sunday obligation and other explanations in the Catechism about the Ten Commandments in the future.

Our families are now under attack from the sitting Pope.

I have read stories referencing a schism and internal war.   I believe even Cardinal Burke referenced the danger of schism under Pope Francis does exist.

The problem with this situation is, it's all going to creep back into homilies and religious education and our Sacred Liturgy, Sacraments and Rites.

Those who have been luring our children away from Church teaching have been declared as holding a true deposit of faith which is being caricatured by Pope Francis as some kind of ignorance of 2000 years of Popes and Saints.   They are being invited to promote heresy as church teaching in an effort to help the Pope, who is here to enlighten us of benefits of adultery and memorialize contradicting the Catechism as the practice for salvation.

The sappy silliness of clapping fornication is making its way into former strongholds.   Good pastors are getting caught up into it.

The stories written about Cardinal Burke are really about us as the heads of our family and our ability to carry out our vocation to teach the tools for salvation with efficacy.

It's destruction is at hand and I have lost the urge to put up a facade about who is leading that attack.


Anonymous said...

I've just read that Cardinal Burke will not be able to participate Ex Officio in the upcoming Synod on the family in the coming year. He has been silenced by His Humbleness .....God help us ..the new year is not going to be pretty. I'm waiting to hear something from our priests at the TLM. This is so heartbreaking I'm fighting back tears at the thought of the destruction of souls because of this egomaniacle fool! Our Lady of Fatima ..Ora Pro Nobis!

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Anonymous, where did you see that? Pleasr give us a web address. Thanks.

TTC said...

Pope Francis has gone way out of his way to present to the world that the 2000 years of Catholics teaching their families the substance in the Catechism are out of step with changing morals of the culture and everyone has a year to brainwash a bigger majority of Bishops so he can update the practice of priests from Sacramental absolution to showing sinners the value in their adultery.

He has spent a year and a half demoralizing Church teaching and insulting those who teach it.

Don't you get it?

He doesn't want us around and if we stay around to demonstrate how daft it all is, he has to position us in such a way so that our own loved ones will not listen to us.

He is trying to exile us.

Your job, should you choose to accept it, is to stop them from carrying it out.

TTC said...

While you are home telling your sins and daughters not to move in with their lovers, the Pope wants priests to change the practice to telling them you are a no good judgmental person and the church now welcomes shacking up.

Cardinal Burke is the flare across the bow of his see. He has shot a big body past their faces with a sign that says this is what will happen to you if you try to get in our way.

The bishops are notoriously weak.

I can't say enough about the danger of going along to get along or sitting in silence as it is carried out.

Neither is a choice.

The Church is under siege.

cafengocmy said...

How is it that a Pope can be apostate, which is what seems to be?
This presents quite a quandary for believers. How can a Pope preach error?

Anonymous said...

Cardinal Burke asked all faithful Catholics to make our voices heard. I tried emailing the Vatican but all the email addresses I could find came back as defective. Does anyone out there have any suggestions about where to write or phone?
God bless and may the Holy Spirit guide the Catholic church

Anonymous said...

to write to the Vatican:

Sua Santita Francesco
00120 Citta del Vaticano

Anonymous said...

1) Sua Santita Francesco
Secretaria de Estado, Palazzo Apostólico Vaticano, 00120 Città del Vaticano

2) fax: (003906) 69885255

3) Sua Santità Francesco, Casa Santa Marta, 00120 Città del Vaticano

Ademar Rakowsky said...

In reply this comment
(cafengocmy said...
How is it that a Pope can be apostate, which is what seems to be?
This presents quite a quandary for believers. How can a Pope preach error?

November 9, 2014 at 1:24 PM)

I would say that it's possible because Pope Benedict XVI did not fully relinquish his papacy, but only the teaching and governing portions of it. A pope can't delegate his infallibility to another. The following link gave me that idea, and it makes sense of what's going on:

Our Lady of Fatima, ora pro nobis!!!!!

Michael said...

A validly elected Pope can certainly preach heresy and can, in his person, be an apostate. However, a validly elected Pope cannot teach infallibly that heresy is Truth.

rosaMaria said...

the 'sitting Pope', not the 'reigning Pope'; I love that phrase and agree with it 100%, as I believe the true reigning Pope is our Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. Thanks very much for this post!!...

Anonymous said...

It is good to see that we are not alone in our deep disappointment with Francis.. He must be somebody's puppet. He is called humble, but that is far from the truth as he is so vindictive to those who oppose his AGENDA of heresy. Lord have mercy on the Faith and followers who are exasperated, frustrated, and who must constantly point out how his deliberate errors.

LWC said...

"Our families are now under attack from the sitting Pope."

Patently false!

Anonymous said...

Our Lady of Good Success pointed out the horrible situation that would arise in the Church --over 300 years ago. A big split and falling away. It has come to fruition under this Pope. Those nasty "catholic" writers that are gloating over Cardinal Burke have been easily and willingly misled and have only sought justification for their watered down, feeble, practice of catholicism. God protect us from the errors of a wayward pope.
Mrs. Scott

JB said...

Now he comes out and says that "ideologies" separated East and West Berlin. Okay Jorge, why don't you go back and read your history. It was divided by an evil Communist empire that was bent on atheism and subjugating freedom of any sort. On the other side was the West, formerly Christendom. Only an ignoramus would draw a moral equivalence between the two.

He's really not that bright the more I read and listen to him. He is probably cunning but that's it.

Joe Potillor said...

Ignoring Rome is helping my sanity during this nutcase pontificate.

John Knebels said...

Pope Francis understands that Catholicism holds no weight unless its teachings are rooted in Christianity. He is galvanizing the faith, not separating it.

TTC said...

Forgive me for being blunt but this conversation is about a man in the Chair of Peter who is using heretics to lure our children into adultery and sodomy. There is nothing 'rooted in Christianity' about it.