Tuesday, November 11, 2014

US Bishops Meet; What do we do with the drunken sailor

What do we do with the drunken sailor?

Before I get to the substance of the Bishops discussion, I call your attention to the tone Pope Francis has generated for Catholics who want the practice of their religion to be taught to our loved ones.

Poor kind and gentle Pope Francis who just can't seem to make any headway with the 2000 years of haters.  Haters gonna hate.

Imagine you're parents of three children who have been coming home from school for several years with the materials passed out in school caricaturing people who maintain their religious belief that acting in sexual desires outside of Sacramental marriage is a violation of the Ten Commandments and result in the loss of salvation as hateful bigots.

Imagine people who hold into these values losing their jobs and businesses.  Imagine the Mayor announcing in the newspapers that people with these beliefs will be precluded from earning a living in his city.

Imagine going to your church every week hoping the priest will finally say something that will help your children understand our teachings and hold onto conviction, so that your family will be united in its purpose.

Imagine five years passing without ever hearing a Church teaching as it pertains to the moral teaching of the Church.

Imagine fifteen years passing without a single pastor explaining moral teaching.

Imagine a Pope being elected who announces this silence was actually a period of obsession and what is needed is an end to preaching and teaching the moral teachings of the Church and expressing any judgments when your children move in with their lovers or divorce their husbands to live with the guy who owns the gym.  Imagine the Pope spending a year caricaturing parents upholding teaching as haters of their children and himself as the man who has come along to love them enough to try to circumvent everyone in the Church from teaching wrong from right actions and switch to the loving practice of telling everyone Jesus isn't afraid of trying new things like telling you how good adultery is.

We don't have to imagine do we.

The Pope came along just in time in the culture wars to tell you, and the world, how hateful your parents are, and show them how hard he is trying to get parents to love their children like he does, God bless his heart.

The bishops are meeting and trying to figure out what to do with all the haters who have been hating their loved ones all these years.

They don't get what all the commotion is about.

All Pope Francis wants is to silence Church teaching and invite us all to listen the the apostates.   Church teaching they don't teach won't change!  Heavens no.   Pope Francis simply wants the Church to be a place where everyone is invited to teach the benefits of sin and then listen enters form their moral compass through consensus.    Nobody will ever tell us which opinions lead to salvation and which lead to the loss of it but good times will be had by all.

Of course anyone who produces materials on Church teaching is reviled and sent packing in this dynamic but we are not supposed to notice that!

They are not sure the haters who hate are going to go along with listening to apostasy and coming to the real love that turns evil into good. They see the Pope's credibility is toast with Catholics with decades of faithful service to Christ's Church. They don't wan it to happen to them.

At least they have that part right.


Anonymous said...

Update: Pope Francis and One-World Religion
Pope Picked to Lead One-World Church

by Cornelia R. Ferreira

Anonymous said...

The sheeps clothing is about to fall to the ground with a resounding thud....the wolves will be completely exposed and as horrible as that is to say , that is what needs to happen so we who hold fast to immutable church teaching can seek out priests who will remain faithful....and I believe there will be good holy priests provided by Gods mercy. The important thing for us to do along with daily rosary and consecration to The Immaculate and Sacred Hearts is to remain steadfast because nothing has changed where the deposit of faith is concerned regardless of the antics of this sorrowful excuse for a pope and his pathetic mignons. Our Lady of Fatima ..Ora Pro Nobis

Damask Rose said...

As far as Catholics who practice and orthodox true faith are concerned, if any priest or prelate officially in some media outlet calls them "haters", then the shit will hit the fan. That will be real bad. Bring on the secular persecution.

Damask Rose said...

Dead straight, Anonymous at 1:59pm.

Joe Potillor said...

Wake me up when the that so 70's pontificate is over. :)