Thursday, November 13, 2014


With all the spiritual problems going on in the world, the US Bishops took up the cause to water down Exorcism prayers.

I suppose we are lucky they didn't suggest saying the prayers after sucking helium and with a rubber ball at the end of their noses.

If there is an exorcist who can't study Latin and learn how to use the most effective language to expel a demon, they might want to stick to operating the women's club and youth ministry and leave the heavy lifting to the big boys.

If you want to be an IT person, you have to learn computer codes.

If you want to be an auditor, you have to learn complicated accounting principles and practices.

If you want to be an exorcist, you have to learn the Latin.


Netmilsmom said...

If I call an exorcist, he better know some Latin.

Anonymous said...

The “revised” Rite of Exorcism was prepared by Bugnini’s Consilium without consulting any exorcists. Some exorcists have called it “useless” – such as Fr. Amroth(

Are you saying that the new Rite is useless in the struggle against the Devil ?

AMORTH: Yes. Their intention was to arm us with a blunt sword. Some effective prayers were cancelled, prayers with 12 centuries of history. New ineffective prayers were written in. But, luckily at the last minute, they threw us a lifeline [allowing the continued use of the traditional ritual].

Lynne said...

Yes, this was done a while ago...

All the rites were watered down, except absolution in the rite of penance, I believe?

Anonymous said...

Gradualism....that's the way to exorcise the demons......not to worry even exorcisms will be done considering the gifts the demons can bring to the church... I only wish I was saying this in jest.

Mighty Joe Young said...

A New Theology required an entirely new approach to prayers, blessing, and sacraments and that is why we have a new mass, new sacraments, new blessings, new exorcisms etc

It really is quite simple. The new theologians (modernists) have a theology that is different than over 19 centuries of Traditional Theology

In Mediator Dei, Pope Pius said that the old axiom - lex orandi set lex credendi was false and the right way to think about such things is to confess that the rule of faith is the rule of prayer.

So, a new faith required new prayers, right?

JB said...

See remember when Jesus said "and the gates of Hell will not prevail against her"? That meant Hell was certainly going to try, and we can see that in idiotic tinkering like this. They can't stop tinkering. Just stop. Pray instead. Stop forming committees. Enough already.

Just leave it alone, USCCB. Your whole organization has no theological foundation whatsoever.

M. Prodigal said...

The demon knows Latin and it hurts its ears. Latin has a power because it is still the official language of holy Mother Church. Couple that with the age old strong prayers and a properly disposed priest of Jesus Christ and you have an exorcist that causes a demon to tremble.

Charles G said...

The US bishops merely translated the Latin editio typica. If you have problems with the new rite, take it up with Rome.

Joe Potillor said...

There are exorcists that use the excuse of the new ritual? I thought all real exorcists used the traditional ritual, so wasn't this exercise by the USCCB an exercise in useless repitition?

TTC said...


I'm not talking about the redutio ad absurdism of yesteryear. This is something new. They proposed saying the prayers of exorcism in English instead of Latin and had them translated and published, I presume for the imbeceles incapable of learning The exorcism prayer in Latin.

Charles, putting aside that the translation butchered the prayer,the point is, Latin is the language that agitates and uproots the devil most effectively.

This presents two problems, the more serious of which is a priest who can't process Latin is not a fellow who should attempt an exorcism. Exorcism is an undertaking that requires a special elite unit of priests familiar with the devil and has the intellect to outwit him with invisible power bequeathed by Christ and fired up with the consumption of His Blood in a state of Grace.

It takes a certain person who is living their life to take up this battle and keeps his soul fine tuned.

Kinda like the Navy Seals. It is a specialized battle.

Secondly, the bishops have opened up the specialized battle to men who are not fine tuned and reduced the efficacy of the prayer, making it more difficult to expel the demon.

This combination of booboo is dangerous to the priest.

Any real exorcist who has dealt with the devil would not use English for the same reason one would not say the prayer in pig Latin.

TTC said...

And as far as taking the matter up with Rome, Rome has fallen to the dogs.

TTC said...

Just to be clear, the Sacrament of Penance and our Sacred Liturgy are the greatest tools of exorcism that exist and all priests have those. Most don't have a clue how and when to use them or why. They will let a demon stay on your back for decades and will even hand you Sacrilegious Communion to make you spiritually sicker.

Most will let you go to your grave in that condition. They can't even see the consequences.

These men are not equipped for hand to hand combat with a demon.

Like angels, demons are all around us. I can keep a demon away with frequent reception of the Eucharist. I can make my home an unpleasant place for them with the use of Sacramentals. Everyone can do that. We don't need Latin.

An Our Father can disarm a demon who is causing mischief or pestering. One does not even have to know they are around to use those tools.

Even if we live our life in the mystical world that pursues intimacy with Christ's soul, and we are aware of the spiritual world there, most of us are oblivious to the devil and his antics.

Only a fool cannot see the devil is harvesting and his power is unleashed from the effects of unrepentant sin in this world.

I believe even the US Bishops see that and they are not the sharpest tools in the shed.

The problem here is that most of them are not living a life that equips the intellect and arms us for the battle and they are unwittingly, making matter worse.

TTC said...

And the deadly sin of pride will keep most from recognizing or acknowledging truth when they hear and see it.

Ron Roberts said...

Hmmm...Aquinas, in Summa T, I, Article 3, Question 51, Reply to Objection 2 says that

"Sensation is entirely a vital function. Consequently it can in no way be said that the angels perceive through the organs of their assumed bodies."

Demons don't give a damn if it's in Latin, English or Vulcan, they don't hear it. The spoken "words" are a philosophical "accident" of the prayer.

TTC said...

I beg to differ. You have not fallen into a pit of schismatics. I am not saying language invalidates. I am saying it is the most effective. Just like the vulgate more effectively translates the Gospels. Just like the TLM is more pleasing to The angelic because the prayer is so much more powerful.-

Ron Roberts said...

I stand by my statement that the spoken words are mere philosophical accidents of the actual prayer. Angels are no more pleased by TLM then Demons are tormented by a Latin Exorcism.

breathnach said...

Bergoglio would like to eliminate confrontation and expulsion of Satan with a "rite of understanding" that would invite Satan to dialogue...also include felt banners from the 70s with peace signs and slogans such as: "let's get along" and "we can be compassionate towards evil"....

Anonymous said...

IT should be noted this translation effort long predates the current pope. It was in the pipeline under Benedict XVI and I have no reason to think it would not have been blocked by his Curia out of principle, Fr Amorth's well publicized views notwithstanding.

TTC said...

Ron, I am puzzled by your statements. You are reducing the precision and beauty of Latin to a dialect. You seem to be unaware that there are levels of intensity of prayer and sacramental grace and how to tap into the deep.

I am not sure how to explain that world to you but the language is the essential tool that takes you there. It is the vehicle that drives your concentration.

Ron said...

TTC, I don't disagree that language is a vehicle that drives your concentration, however the choice of language effects you, not that demon.

Sitting and praying silently is as efficacious as is chanting in Latin, as is praying in any language with a sincere heart.

Sadly, the TLM crowd would try to have people believe that God has a preference for prayers offered in Latin. There is absolutely no basis for such an infantile understanding of God.

It is sinful to mislead people discourage them from finding their best path to "dialogue" with God to satisfy your imagined world.

TTC said...

Ron, I had a feeling you would eventually reveal your poverty was related to the hatred for those who attend TLM.

As a 411, I attend the Novus Ordo.

You can't seem to admit that Latin is like no other language, except for maybe Greek, especially theology and prayers.

You have to be way over your head in your delusion to kid yourself into believing the Canon in the TLM and the Novus Ordo can take the reader to the same mystical place. Howlingly absurd.

Excorcists, with first hand experience have expressed their experience and it doesn't gel with your sad commentary.

There are all kind of levels if efficacy and time, place and words used are critical to the power received.


Ron said...

TTC. I don't hate the TLM crowd...I try to just smile and humor them and wish that I could save them from their folly.

TTC said...

Whoops, there I go again!

Seriously folks, Ron is another shining example that the Pope has the wheels back on the nuthouse wagon and given them all the venom they need to attack and malign faithful families and they are chasing us in every apostolate. Eventually they let heir guard down to reveal all the treasure in the mystical world is folly they want to save us from.

Every exorcist on record reports the devil's contempt for Latin. The more I watch the devil's dance, the more focused his attack seems to be on Latin.

With one hand, he is indoctrinating the beauty of adultery and the poor morons are incapable of seeing the author of that filth.

With the other, he is attacking Latin in every corner of the Church.

If I didn't know any better, I would say its an easy way to tell the children of the Light from the children of the darkness.

It's too much to be coincidence.

TTC said...

Ron, you are ignorant and consequently don't know what you are saying, but I can't tell you how much I howled over your post.

Aman who doesn't have a clue about how the mystical world operates, how to draw from and use the power in the Blood of Christ--a man who thinks it doesn't matter what syntax and words are used in prayer because the person beside you who has just rolled off of their lover saying prayers while thinking about what kind of donuts they're going to eat on the way home from Mass is going to receive the same booty from Christ's Blood as the people down the street at TLM praying the incredibly intimate prayers in a state of Grace--a man sitting in a pew watching all the daffy women run a circus around some wimp of a priest who you'd swear was your grandmother if you didn't have your glasses on. You want to save the TLM folks from their "folly"?

That is rich.

People trying to flee the madness don't need fixing.

I do wish some of them would stay in parishes to be the thorn in your paw, but nobody in their right mind would blame them for seeking refuge in the cavern of Motu Proprio.

If the Kook show from Pope Francis goes on too much longer, I may join them myself.

Ron said...


Tisk, Tisk, Tisk, what a nasty, angry, hate-filled little thing you are.

That's what you get from hanging around the TLM crowd so much.

It almost sounds like you are suggesting that the Gates of Hell are prevailing against the Church, but that would be heretical now wouldn't it. Better start showing a little love for Pope Frank or the devil will drag you the rest of the way away from Holy Mother Church.

TTC said...

Watch yourself, your Pope Francis claws are showing!

You could learn a thing or two from Pope Francis about being sneaky and discreet with your hatred and slander of faithful Catholics.

My history of repeating I will stay with Christ's Church until I draw my last breath, come what may, wouldn't stop you from your slander but I repeat it here for the uncatechized who may stumble across this post.

I don't hang with TLM folks but if I did, it would be an honor.

The Pope Francis fruit is a gift that just keeps on giving. You keep coming around dropping your turds all over the sanctuary and telling us all it's candy we need to eat. When we try to explain what you obviously do not know, you let your venom loose.

Even when the discussion reveals what you are saying couldn't possibly be true, you get out the steak knives and plunge them into the reputations of the people who know more than you do. You are not on a pursuit for truth. You are not interested in leaning how to give Christ and his people the best of the best.

The Church is a forum for opinions that is some kind of contest you are trying to win and you knock people out with insults and slander. If you can't win that way, you send them to Malta.

The problem with you people is, you just can't wrap your head around the fact that the glory days of ruling this way ended with catholic blogosphere. There is more of us than there is of you and we are much louder and have more stamina.

Pope Francis is not going to lift the beauty of adultery and sacrilegious communion into our sanctuaries in front of our loved ones. Not while we breathe. If he didn't learn that lesson with the flag he asked us to salute at the synod, he's got some ugly coming toward the Holy See in a speeding locomotive.

You can repeat your delusion that we might flee from Christ's Church all you want if it helps you sleep better at night. I am here to tell you we are not going anywhere and the Pope has made an enemy out of faithful Catholics. If you had half your wits about you, you would look around and see the quality of the well-respected, loyal to the Church theologians, priests, bishops, Cardinals who have declared his shtick as a disaster.

Might be time to face the music. The problem with the Pope is not a bunch of bitter sedevacanists.

The more it is painted that way, the uglier it's going to get.

Ron said...

TTC, wow. You are actually claiming to be a sedevacanist? Yikes, you really have left the Holy Mother Church haven't you. I'll pray that you repent soon.

TTC said...

Ron, I couldn't be further from a sedevacanist. Readers here know that is absurd and everything written declares my loyalty to Christ until my dying breath.

I have spent enough time with your reading compression problems that are out there with Pluto. Future comments are going to the trash.

TTC said...

The devil hates Latin:

TTC said...

My favorite quote from article

"Remember, that the Devil’s hate for us is so great that he will endure even the agony of proximity to sacramentals and even the Eucharist just to have a chance to get at us. So, I say let’s make him suffer as much as we possibly can. And what better way to do that then use lots of Latin? Latin is, after all, the preferred language for the annoying of all those who are wicked."

TTC said...

Another article with quotes from Vatican exorcist on the devil's hatred for Latin

TTC said...

Latin much more effective in expelling demons:

TTC said...

Apostates hate Latin too:

Anonymous said...

First they helped the Protestants (watering down our Faith) and now they give the DEVIL A BREAK.

Netmilsmom said...

The Devil hates Latin but if all the Latin priests are moving to the vernacular, I'll give a call to the local Chaldean parish.
Betcha Aramaic will drive the devils nuts!