Thursday, December 18, 2014

Pope Francis curses sinners

I kinda wasn't too surprised to hear the pope say he prays that people fall to temptation.

It doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out the kind of Catholics he curses.

You know the irony of his ruthless perversion of prayer and role of a Pope?

Catholics who want their religion taught to them are the very Catholics who humbly acknowledge their temptation and sin.  That is why we constantly beg for pastoral perspectives on ways to recognize the devil long before he has us duped, ways to circumvent temptation and sin and remain in a state of Sanctifying Grace.

We are, in fact, the very people who are examining our conscience, going to confession to have our sins absolved, filling our soul with the Body and Blood of Christ so we have the strength to not act on our temptations.

When we go to the Pope to ask him to preserve the institution to cure sinners with Sanctifying Grace, he utters a curse that we fall into sin.

This is nothing new. We have been dealing with priests and bishops like him for as long as we can remember.

They stop giving us the tools we need to stay in a state of Grace. Then they say things that make listeners think sins aren't sins anymore. Then when those of us who know they are sins ask for the Church that absolves sins, they get pissy and start insulting us, calling us names.  They publicly tell the congregation that folks like us who don't want to sell our soul for a hug and kiss from them, are antiquated people who don't know what love is.

They send hostility and venom our direction, throw the word "Pharisee" around and misrepresent Christ and the Gospel.

This one curses us.

I wish he would simply have the decency to face the reasons he doesn't want us around.   Our presence and witness reminds people what they are doing - or teaching others to do - is sinful.  What we have to do to ask for the Church that absolves sins and gives out Sanctifying Grace, makes what they teach and do, a lie.   They can't feel good about what they are saying and doing so they concoct a tall story that we are viscous people who deserve their slander, insults and exiles.

The pope has seriously damaged Church teaching.  It has robbed people I love and care about of right judgement they need for their salvation.  It would be sinful to express how I feel about his antics.  But in my worst hour I have never wished he fall into temptation and sin to fix his perversion of humility.


min-bee said...

Thanks for your heartfelt and perceptive post. In addition to castigating faithful Catholics and leading them astray, our Marxist Pope has just facilitated the resumption of diplomatic relations between the US and Communist Cuba. His priorities are skewed.

Anonymous said...

Whenever the monkey business out of Rome gets too much for me ( I guess that would be all the time)I think of Cardinal Burke ...his interview picked up on Gloria TV was outstanding! We have great consolation in knowing that he will stand down these Apostates regardless of the consequences.....and we can be sure we will continue to see the heavy hand of the Bishop of Rome fall upon anyone who holds fast to immutable church teaching.

Anonymous said...

For reference, the Holy See has had full diplomatic relations with Cuba since 1975 (there was a 13 year gap before that).

Left-footer said...

Bugs Bergoglio, the Pope from H***!

TTC said...

The following is an outstanding quote on free republic that I wanted to share with readers of TTC:

This is actually one of the most disturbing and irrational things I’ve seen the Pope say so far. He’s very fond of railing against “legalists” and “Pharisees” and people who are not as humble and merciful as he is, although I’m not sure exactly who these people are. It’s true that there were once Catholics who were perhaps a little obsessed with the possibility of sinning, but that related to themselves - this was called “scrupulosity,” and actually was itself something that could be matter for confession. That is, fixating on one’s sins or the fear or possibility that one may have sinned was wrong in itself.

But these supposed Pharisees that the Pope keeps attacking now are straw men, in my opinion; legalistic, ritualistic Christians really aren’t the problem in the Church, and if anything, it’s Christians who don’t know or care about any of the laws of the Church (including basic moral law) who are the problem. But his attacks on these non-existent people look like and are interpreted by most of us as attacks on people who adhere to traditional Catholic practice and morality, and many such people, who really do their best to be good Christians, feel unfairly targeted by the Pope, of all people.

This was a particularly cruel attack, in which he accused them of having “stiff skins” (I assume that he meant prim and rigid faces) but “rotten hearts” and then he went on to say that he hoped they would slip on a banana peel and be angered with God and thereby sin themselves. So while his words were incoherent to begin with, no matter how you look at them or interpret them, they are certainly spiteful and cruel. He doesn’t seem to think much about what he says before saying it, so he probably didn’t mean it to come out like that, but it’s very hard to take it any other way.

TTC said...

The Pope's cartoon caricature of those of us who know the intimacy of communion with the Divinity of Christ in a state of Grace as souls afflicted with resting bitch face is particularly disturbing. I have a post cooking on that in the future.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

To Min-bee, Our "Own" Cardinal Sean is claiming HE facilitated the deal. Humble guy that he is, couldn't let it go. and to Annoymus yes, the Vatican has had relations with Cuba but the U.S. has not, not until Good old Cardinal Sean and Barry drew up the plan to accept Communisum as a way of life for Americans.
Just sayin.

Dymphna said...

I can't read the pope's comments anymore. It's just too depressing.

Marie said...

Has anybody ever met any of those folks whom the Pope keeps on scolding? Neither have I. I think they are just pigments of his imagination.
If he's really the brave and humble Pope that he claims to be, he must name names and spare us his constant badmouthing. He preaches against gossip, yet he does that all the time, using his pulpit to bash people we hardly know exist. Who are these supposed people and why is Pope Francis so angry with them? What harm have they done to him? Let them speak out - but of course, knowing that the Pope must be respected, they won't, if they do exist.
Best thing for us to do is follow Cdl. Burke's advice: Pray the Chaplet of the Holy Face, an exorcism all faithful Catholics can do. We [The Mystical Body of Christ] are under attack by the devil and this psalm verse will ward him off as promised by Our Lord to Sister Marie of St. Peter: "Arise, O Lord and let Thy enemies be scattered. And let those that hate Thee flee from before Thy Face. My Jesus, Mercy! Glory be to the Father....
God our Protector, look down upon us and see the Face of Thy Christ."

Anonymous said...

I am a school teacher. An analogy struck me this morning as I was walking into the building from my car. The Pope's constant bashing of devout Catholics would be like a school principal getting on the public address system every morning to scold all the children who have been studying for their tests and doing all their homework. Calling them names like "Teacher's Pets","Brown Noses" and "Goody Two Shoes." And then in the next breath telling the children who are lazy, and rude that he and the teachers love them just as they are.

TTC said...


Excellent analogy.

The Pope is the schoolyard bully publicly ridiculing the people who practice our religion.

I read a story about Elton John getting married to his same-sex lover this weekend. You will remember Elton gushing over Pope Francis' rhetoric. Pope Francis is helping Elton and many others get past reservations that have been holding them back from adultery. The Pope might have just as well performed the nuptials. He is responsible and accountable for it.

Anonymous said...

Francis derides Catholics who try to be faithful. Their faithfulness is often at great cost and suffering. And the pope taunts them for it.

Yesterday, one of the religious in our diocese who happens to wear a habit (that's the only "traditional" thing about both her and her new community) told me that I should remove my mantilla so that I wouldn't look like a pharisee.
My parish is the most liberal in the diocese. It prides itself as being inclusive, warm and loving. Apparently, though, not with everyone. :)

Anonymous said...

Michael Smith, you nailed it. That is exactly it.

Francis is demoralizing Catholics and trying to make them ashamed for trying to be faithful.

Whoever this man is, he lost me. I have no interest in anything he says or does. Hardly the attitude a Catholic should have for the Vicar of Christ, but it is the only way I can handle this without losing my faith all together.