Monday, March 30, 2015

Vatican Newspaper Shills for French Bill Legalizing Killing Sick and Unwanted Relatives

With the passage of a bill by the French National Assembly that establishes a “right” to “continuous deep sedation until death,” while defining nutrition and hydration as "treatment" that can be withdrawn, the reaction of the official Catholic news organs are showing a deep rift in the Church over euthanasia.

While activists in France and abroad have condemned the law as euthanasia in everything but name, L’Osservatore Romano, the quasi official newspaper of the Vatican, has given the bill a stamp of approval.

What comes after the pastoral mercy of murder of souls by strangulation?

The pastoral mercy of killing the body, of course.

I hope there's time to get it on the agenda of the synod on the family so we can try to get the victims of corruption the sacred Sacrament of Viaticum before they're murdered.


Anonymous said...

I keep thinking this must be a mistake, and the Vatican will correct this approval. It's been days, and nothing. I cannot understand the Vatican approving this. Where's the mercy? Aren't these patients on the peripheries, about as far out on the peripheries (with the unborn) as you can get. God please help us.

'DIS & 'DAT said...

Given the current state of affairs at the Vatican it is not surprising that L'Osservatore Romano viewed the French bill favorably. I expect our government to launch a similar idea. After all it would go a long way towards fixing Social Security, Medicare, and the national debt. There is no end to wonderful uses of Mercy it would seem. Hitler would agree but lets hope not Pope Francis.

Michael Dowd

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's time to "pull the plug" on what is know as "the pope's paper."

Anonymous said...

This is the ultimate result of single-payer, state-funded medical insurance -- which the Vatican favors.

The Church is reserving a lot of divine judgment for itself...more than anybody, especially devout Catholics, realize.