Monday, March 30, 2015

Larceny of Priest Pension Fund

The Archdiocese has finally admitted what most of us have known for a long time, they are 'underfunding' the employee pension fund.

This is kind of spooky:

“The numbers jump out at you in Boston because they’re so large, but most dioceses are struggling with this,” Zech said. “Priests are living longer than anticipated,

Are you kidding me?

There have anticipations on when priests will croak. I wonder if they have a spreadsheet

Given this revelation and the Vatican now supporting euthanasia, I wouldn't go to a meeting at the Chancery without a can of mace.


Anonymous said...

Actuarial tables are the foundational tool of insurance and defined benefit (pension) plans. So the fact that actuarial tables have been used should not be a surprise in the least.

TTC said...

Even so, we are talking about physicians of souls. People whose vocation cherish every moment of life in every person.

A statement saying it was their expectation that some of their priests would be dead by now, are living too long, are sucking the coffers - is breathtaking!

'DIS & 'DAT said...

The living longer statement is absurd. The pension funding money is being used for other things. The question is what were the projections for new vocations there when pensions were first started? My guess is that anticipated funds from vocations that never happened is a good part of the problem.

Michael Dowd

Anonymous said...

I particularly like the part of blaming Cardinal Law, sounds like the Obama Administration. Maybe Cardinal Sean can do some fund raising today, will he be dedicating Teddies Castle? Bet he has a front row seat next to Barrack.

TTC said...

Ugh. I forgot beezabul was in town today. I hope the Catfinal is out of town. We could use a break from rubbing salt in the wound!

Anonymous said...

His Eminence's solution: Raise the retirement age for priests from 70 to 75 - and also possibly lowering the maximum age for residency at (or rather, eviction from) Regina Cleri House (as TTC has previously reported:

Archdiocese Evicts Six Priests from Regina Cleri

Anonymous said...

He's there! Think he'll speak for Francis and shame them on spending nearly $50Million in tax payers $$$ when it could have fed the poor?

Anonymous said...

Holy Week, Holy Week, Beezabul and his friends will do everything in their power to destroy the Sacredness of this One Week!

St. Michael we need you now!

Anonymous said...

Godless commies of a feather were all gathered together.

Shame on everyone who choose to stand in solidarity with the rabid baby butchers and enemies of God and America gathered in Ted Kennedy's Temple to himself.

Anonymous said...

"Godless commies of a feather were all gathered together."

That sums it up well because that is in essence what they all are.

Read "Seventy Years of the Communist Revolution".