Wednesday, April 1, 2015

National Catholic Register fires....

I know what you're thinking!

They finally fired Shea or one of the other bullies whose theology is off of the reservation.

Nope - they fired Pat Archibold.

Ok, most of us who know or knew others who either quit or were let go over the past five years or so are not really surprised.

Like the St. Patrick's Day Parade story they spun for the Knights, Catholic writers have privately been complaining of sneakiness and dishonesty for quite some time.

It's a spin machine that covers up internal corruption.

The bishop's puppets.

The Catholic media Code Red against whistleblowers.

Pat's post is here. Another post here.

It tells a similar story that I've heard from more than 1/2 dozen Catholics who formerly wrote for them.

They first edit out content that told both sides of the story. Most times without telling the author. They then move on to control content by complaining. They eventually stop using the author.

Pentin is next. I am surprised he didn't precede Pat.

Who could trust a newspaper that:

1. only tells the side of the story of people who are committing wrongdoing.
2. deliberately deletes factual information that discredits lies being told to cover up wrongdoing
3. deliberately conducts a smear campain against people who speak the truth.

It's the Hillary Clinton of the Catholic press.


breathnach said...

NCR/EWTN continuing in the tradition of Marcial Maciel Degollado.

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Number 4 for your list:
A newspaper that partners with the Not-At-All Catholic Reporter to spew forth politically-correct yap to shill for an end to the death penalty.

Anonymous said...

The authors of the Epistles prophesied mass apostasy in the Last Days. The Register is just reinforcing that prophesy by emphasizing "fidelity" to a man (or to its financial backers) than to truth.

Anonymous said...

After making common cause with the National un-Catholic Reporter on (or rather, against) the death penalty (for example, see Catholic Media Unite In Call For Ending The Death Penalty, could the Register be doing the Reporter's dirty work concerning Pat Archbold in getting rid of someone whom the Reporter considered undesirable?

Pat Archbold’s Alternate Universe

by Michael Sean Winters | Nov. 24, 2014

Over at the National Catholic Register, Pat Archbold is very upset with the USCCB for their statement supporting President Obama’s executive order on immigration. Mr. Archbold is entitled to his opinions to be sure. And the Register, which likes to claim the mantle of obedience to the hierarchy, is entitled to print it. But, all of us in the press, even those of us who write opinion columns, are bound by the basic requirement of sanity in our writing. When Archbold writes, “The USCCB shows again that it is willing to use the visage of episcopal approbation to promote the public policy preferences of the leftists that run it, by any means necessary,” he moves into some alternate universe of reality. Leftists runs the USCCB? That would be news to just about everyone. I will only mention in passing that his utter lack of sympathy for the light of immigrants is shocking and sad. I would love to see his exegesis of the text we heard a few Sundays ago, Exodus 22:20-26: “Thus says the Lord: You shall not molest or oppress an alien, for you were once aliens yourselves in the land of Egypt.” And, the next time someone at the Register or EWTN slams NCR for not being faithful to the magisterium, ask them about Mr. Archbold.

'DIS & 'DAT said...

The National Catholic Register made a big mistake by firing Pat. He gave them a pinch of truth to help balance the bland political correctness which is their stock in trade.

A couple of times I posted critical comments on Register articles which were published for a few hours before being soon taken out after being criticized by other commenters.

Anyway we can all look forward to hear from Pat now that he is unchained so to speak.

TTC said...

Could be. The people operating the coup of Mother Angelica's apostolate find the ideas of the National Catholic Reporter and Commonweal to be right up their alley.

It has fallen to the dogs.

The fruit of Pope Francis.

Anonymous said...

The old communist purge. Pat dared to think for himself.

Anonymous said...

I would take nothing Michael Sean Winters says about Catholicism seriously. He misuses his faith as a platform to launch politically oriented attacks. During the 2008 Presidential election, he accused Sarah Palin of being an apostate for attending a Pentecostal church that her parents took her to since he was a toddler after she was baptized as a Catholic. Regardless of what anybody thinks about Pentecostal theology and practice, Winters' accusation doesn't begin to meet his test for "sanity."

Winters is the Reporter's version of Mark Shea. He's worse than Shea because Winters has a veneer of respectability that Shea doesn't.

Anonymous said...

Umm Sarah Palin is a protestant heretic is she not?

Anonymous said...

To anonymous at 5:21 p.m. on April 2: Winters used that criticism of Palin to disqualify her as a legitimate vice-presidential candidate (She was John McCain's running mate) when her religion should not be an issue in that discussion. Winters is notoriously liberal and, frankly, disingenuous. Palin either stands on her own merits or falls on her own demerits irrespective of where (or whether) she worships. May I remind you, also, that we do not have a religious test in this nation for office-holders; it is unconstitutional.

Dymphna said...

The good news is that NCR and the old media is dying. I hope somebody offers Pat a new gig.

TTC said...

Unless Sarah Palin starts interpreting it teaching Catholic theology in Catholic apostolates,, the errors of Protestant religion don't matter. She certainly knows Christ and truth more than the people now running EWTN. And in fact, she is a far superior witness for Christianity than Cardinal Dolan and the fruit flies trampling the pearls at the Holy See.

TTC said...

Dympha ,

I agree the phonies and narcissists at Catholic media machines are fading from relevance. Who wants to read stories skewed to cover internal corruption?

I just can't get over the sophomoric theology at EWTN. They literally have positioned themselves to day the Catechism contains evil practices and they are here to stop it.

Painful to know the leadership is so ignorant.

TLM said...

Sarah Palin was brought up in the Protestant faith, Anon, she didn't 'choose it' at an age of reason. Yes, of course, Protestantism is heresy, but she didn't choose that belief. Now that she is 'of reason' yes, she needs to choose the true faith, and maybe God willing she will before she dies.