Saturday, April 11, 2015

Bishop Richard Lennon Mans Up

I'm really pumped about this development.   

Bishop Lennon has taken the ax to the poisonous tree.

“Actions and speech that are contrary to Catholic teaching shall be grounds for disciplinary action up to and including termination,” the contract language states, according to

Cleveland Bishop Richard Lennon told faculty at the schools in a letter the effectiveness of a Catholic school does not depend only on the quality of religious curriculum, rather, a Catholic school succeeds in its mission only if every aspect of the of the school is inspired and guided by the Gospel.

“The Church has long recognized the uniquely important and true ministry of teachers and administrators in fulfilling this mission,” he said.

“Furthermore, the example set by teachers and administrators through their actions and their lives is considered by the Church to be even more important than what they say.”

In addition to participation in or public support for abortion, transgender issues, and homosexual “marriage,” the contract also specifies that euthanasia, surrogate parenthood, direct sterilization, sexual relations outside of marriage, and cohabiting outside of wedlock are prohibited.

Membership in anti-Catholic organizations is also forbidden, as is indecent or lewd behavior, such as illicit drug use or pornography consumption. The contract requires faculty to refrain from using electronics and social media to transmit lewd or indecent messages, and also from behavior or attitudes which could tempt others to commit acts considered by the Church to be evil or immoral.

Isn't that beautiful?


TLM said...

Wow, maybe Archbishop Cordileone started the ball rolling? In hopes that we see more and more of this as time goes on? Yes, indeed, this is a beautiful sight! A good ol' shot in the arm!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, God Bless Bishop Lennon! A Bishop truly leading his sheep in the right direction . Many prayers for him, he's going to need them. Pray, pray without ceasing.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Indeed....too bad it's not the norm.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, not just from the standpoint of Catholic education, but it indicates that Bishop Lennon has rid his chancery of enough bad actors that not enough of them are left from the previous administration to get in his way.

Joe Potillor said...

Deo Gratias