Saturday, April 11, 2015

Holy See gives French the silent treatment on gay nomination

There is a Santa Claus.

Openly gay diplomat who supported gay marriage said to be "practicing Catholic"&nbsp

Catholics take great exception to the definition that one can work to mislead many souls into the loss of their salvation - and be a 'practicing Catholic'.

A 'practicing Catholic' takes great care not to lead people into temptation and sin.

Sitting in a pew once a week makes you no more of a 'practicing Catholic' than standing in your garage makes you a car.

Here are three signs one is NOT a 'practicing Catholic' - each one of them independently signal you are NOT a 'practicing Catholic':

1. You have stopped the daily practice of keeping your soul in a state of Sanctifying Grace.
2. You have stopped receiving the Sacrament of Penance but you continue to receive the Eucharist.
3. You reject Church teaching and teach others to reject it.

Number 3 is the most offensive 'practice' of Catholicism one could ever perform while claiming to be doing it in the service of Christ's Church.

The problem with this nomination is, here we have a man claiming to be a 'practicing Catholic', who has been working lure homosexuals into living in a constant state of mortal sin.

That's the practice of the devil.

With some noble exceptions, this is what gay priests have been doing inside of the Church and in the culture for decades.

When Pope Francis was asked for his input on the situation, he chose to pooh-pooh the documentation of whistleblowers with the asinine assertion that so long as a priest or bishop in his see is pursuing God when he lives with his lover or destroys the moral compasses of generations of children or is leading thousands to their spiritual deaths, who is he to render a judgment?

That stupid statement is a dog constantly chasing him and biting him on the butt.  He is blind to its meaning.

Articles covering the French fracus repeatedly point out that Pope Francis has portrayed himself as a cleverhole who is going to dismantle and neutralize Church teaching. An old man fighting for the time to unravel 2000 years of saints who hated gays and women.

This is an interesting development that bears watching. Judgments need to be made about our attractions to use sex outside of God's rules for the use of this incredible gift.

When a man shows up at a seminary seeking ordination, judgments need to be made about the prospective harm of putting a fat lady in the candy store. The vocation of priesthood requires healthy practices in the relationships around them that keeps intimacy directed to Christ but still satisfies the need for human friendship, support. Judgments also need to be made about whether a homosexual man seeking ordination thinks with the Church on moral theology and has a solid grip on celibacy.

When a bishop or pope receives a letter about a priest living with his lover for decades and/or teaching others it's ok to live with theirs, judgments need to be made.

Whether they think they are 'pursuing Christ' or carrying out this service in Christ's Holy Name, is actually, immaterial.

The muslims have been slaughtering Christians for thousands of years, believing their atrocities are acts of service on behalf of God.

Being a Pope is a job that has the responsibility of conveying right and wrong judgments.

I'd like to say this papacy has been a bust in that department but the situation is worse than a bust. He's gone out of his way to ridicule and undermine the practice of keeping one's soul in a state of Grace through the Sacraments.

They've tried everything in their bag of tricks including using Catholic media to claim pointing out the heresy in the theology the Pope asked his see to embrace was naughty, telling us to STFU and threatening to sue us. Entire Conferences of Bishops have issued the warning that they will do their job as ordained men and reject and resist a papal mandate to hoodwink Catholics with Kasper's heresy.

Yet, the stalling indicates the lavender mafia either does not have full control or they are reluctant to blow the roof off of the house.

I do believe the Pope when he says they (he, Kasper, Marx and friends) expect resistance and intend to carry out the agenda in spite of it.

I continue to hold the opinion that the resistance they've met has them backtracking and that it is very important to demonstrate that the age of laity who lets them rape and rob our children without castrating their power is over. They had a good run but it is over now.


S. Armaticus said...

It would appear that Francis likes to pick his deviants. He does not like them foisted on him.

As to the "practicing catholic" my a.... How can one practice a faith that one don't accept or believe? If he is a practicing catholic, then why can't I be an observant Jew?

TLM said...

I hope it is true that the 'show' is over, but somehow I have this nagging feeling that we haven't yet seen his last 'hurrah'......yet. We of course must keep vigilant.

Anonymous said...

Because of Pope Francis' "Who am I to judge?" and similar quotations as well as actions (especially meetings) concerning/including LGBTQers, I think that Secretariat of State Pietro Cardinal Parolin, who handles Vatican diplomatic affairs through the Secretariat's Section for Relations with States, froze the ambassador's dossier.

Joe Potillor said...

Well, under the last pontificate, back in the days when there was a little bit of courage, a gay person was openly rejected, I remember. Good thing it's continuing.

Anonymous said...

BREAKING on LifeSiteNews:

France’s proposed Vatican envoy is a devout Catholic and may not even be ‘gay’: so who’s creating this flap, and why?

Jeanne Snits, Paris correspondent