Friday, April 3, 2015

Blessed and Sacred Triduum

Ugh, that foot washing thing has become such an annoying reminder of the idiocy that is circling us when we show up to mystically pray our way through our Lord's Passion. There we stand trying to celebrate the divinity of the institution of two sacred sacraments and they are cluelessly being led from the company of angels, saints, 2000 years of Apostles at the presence of the first ordination and the first Eucharist in the upper room and they are led out to focus on the service of washing feet.

If they could only see themselves in the mystical moments.  I can't stand it!

All the Martha's are flitzing about in some other god forsaken place and they are washing stuff while Christ pours out His Divinity to perform miracles.

We should stop doing it.  Does the Latin Rite practice the Triduum?  I can't imagine them putting on the circus around the sacred institution of ordination and the Eucharist.  

I can't stand it!

In spite of this, I was moved by the beauty and reverence of the Liturgy I attended on the holiest nights of our year.  It was done by men deeply in love with Christ and Hiss Church and His Sacrament.   The love and belief was obvious.

I hope you are able to find a refuge and pray with Christ on this night in His life.  Don't rob yourself because of a few minutes of foolishness.  

I thought and prayed for many who are struggling though the crucible around us. The asinine antics, the fleeing and craven shepherds and lay people following them. The parish I was at sang Lift High the Cross.  A favorite I hadn't heard in a while.  As I was singing the lyrics, I thought "there it is in all its simplicity".

Lift High the Cross.

There are few who are willing to do it. But the witness brings great courage and it attracts better than free booze at a Knights of Columbus hall.

Good times are ahead. There is a reason why St John Paul kept repeating "be not afraid".

Where Thou goest, we will go. The maroons will follow.

Don't forget Divine Mercy Novena begins today.


Dymphna said...

You mean the Byzantines?

TTC said...

Dympha, no, I mean in places or parishes that are celebrating TLM. What do they do at Still River for the Triduum? St Benedict's?

Maria said...

Cardinal Bernard Law was at the Dominican House of Studies with a prelate obsequiously fawning all over him--making sure his red hat was not out of place. You cannot make this stuff up!

Dymphna said...

Well, at my parish Father washed 12 altar boys and seminarians. He used to remind us that the foot washing is no maudlin sentimentality but was Our Lord giving a mandate to His subordinates to go out and do His will so in imitation of Him, the washed should only be males who are under the celebrant's authority. It's sober, quick and nobody's having a ball.

TTC said...

So nice to hear from you!!!!

I absolutely love Cardinal Law. He kept everything you see in the Church today at bay. The irony that the Mercy he practiced, more than Pope Francis ever dreamed of possessing, chewed him alive, is another victory of the enemy of Christ's Church. I am so glad to hear he is receiving what he gave to us during his tenure here.

Blessed Triduum Maria!!

Dymphna said...

I did some checking and there is no foot washing in the TLM.

Maria said...

Nice to hear from you too, Carol!!!!
May want to re-read The Faithful Departed :)
Blessed Triduum Carol!!

TTC said...

Is that Phil's book?

Phil was fired under Cardinal Law's tenure so his views are a bit skewed. My own experiences as a parent, and the experiences of many I know, were that when you told him directly about something happening, it would be stopped. You don't have to rely upon me, the lavender mafia in Boston is on the record stating Law was stopping them. Check out Walter Cuenins article "the reformer" in the New York Times. You can find it on the Internet.

It is the most compelling affirmation that Cardinal Law would not let them do what they are doing now. Right from the horses mouth.

Cardinal Law had his flaws, made mistakes, like the rest of us, but he was the major force stopping priests from perverting the moral compasses of our children.

He will be vindicated on the day we all se truth.

Anonymous said...

As a crusader within The Tenth Crusade - I hereby call upon our Holy Father to gather as planned the Cardinals for the October Synod. However, as a Pope of Surprises - I suggest he turn over that table of pointless agendas and replace the synod with The Consecretion of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary!!! Any bishop who refuses in Rome or abroad at home should be removed as bishop, defrocked, or excommunicated as they may be the masons, communists, satanists or too confused to be called "Catholic". This Consecration is what will heal the Church thus heal the Families and save souls and avert grave chastizement. If the Pope and Bishops wish to help families as they surely do - this Consecration is by far the BEST MEDICINE and truly the ONLY CURE for our many problems. Many TRADITIONAL Catholics will enter our Church from Russia under Our Holy Father and prove that God and Mary's path to peace is a restoration of Dogma that predates the errors of Vatican II novelties.

Phamplateer turned Crusader

Joe Potillor said...

Foot washing is optional in the 62' Rubrics. Foot washing is only done by the Bishop in the Byzantine Rite.

A blessed Pascha to you!....

Cardinal Law had enemies that were friends of Cardinal Mahony, may he be vindicated.