Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Jill Stanek caricatures the Sacrament of Penance of the Catholic Church as 'blasphemy'.

There I was minding my own business when Jill Stanek posted a message to her 'friends' who are misguided into believing we have to earn salvation.   And then she quoted somebody who said such a belief places God in our debt.

After What the heck is this? ran through my head, I read the thread.    The post and comments were about as 'friendly' to Catholic theology as the friendly gay couples asking us to use our God-given gifts to participate in their wedding.

What's that all about?   Is that new?

I have witnessed a little of Jill's prolife work but haven't really paid close attention to the subterfuge.  A few weeks back, I did see a publicity stunt in front of Boehner's office tfor hat I thought was class clownish and unproductive to the prolife movement.   Later, she gave a minute-by-minute description of what happened to her when she was arrested, which again, came across as sophomoric and out of character with the professionalism in what little I've followed.

Anyhoo, what a lesson on the fruit of obstinance, bad theology, hysteria and urban legends. 

They kept asking for Scriptural references to explain our theology that Christ appointed Peter as Pope, ordained twelve apostles, instituted the Sacraments of Eucharist, Holy Orders, Anointing of the Sick, Penance, Matrimony. When given the resources, they of course, were unable to comprehend.

When citing Catholic theologians and teachings, they would not read the explanations.

Jill accused the Sacrament of Penance in the Catholic Church as "blasphemy".

""Carol, there is so much theologically wrong with your response to Bethany - which included mockery of her statement that only Jesus can cleanse her heart - when you wrote, "Christ... ordained the men to absolve you and left His Body and Blood to cleanse your soul..",,Of course, mere mortals cannot absolve us of our sins. That is blasphemy."

That is quite a bold statement to be willing to make in public as a professional person who works with Catholics. Is Fr. Pavone working with her?

I'd like a list of Catholics who have given her gig a boost. You can email me the link on my profile.

It's time to cut the cord.

n.b. I'm doing a little homework and found this link in which she takes issue for Voris for saying the Protestants are trying to prevent Catholics from evangelizing women on contraception and have consequently become a problem in the prolif movemeent.

She then goes on to say:

the issue of contraception can’t really be brought up because many Protestant pro-lifers either don’t see the connection to abortion or don’t want to, and some Catholics pro-lifers who do see the connection are reluctant to splinter support over the issue.

The problem with her big britches didn't materialize in her trip to the hoosegow, that is for sure.

I actually know thousands of Catholics in the prolife movement who believe and evangelize women about contraception. Productively. I should know because they helped to shed light on my own error on contraception.

Does she think she is running the show?

Good grief.

Skipping down to the comments section I noted a few things.

In her commenting rules, she states:

Do Not's

Blasphemy will not be tolerated.

Kind of an interesting coincidence.

And then this coincidence from a commenter:

truthseeker says:
March 15, 2015 at 10:42 am

What is this? I thought this site was for Catholic bashing…oh well then I’ll just have to start complaining about the Protestant bashing at this site instead.

and then this comment:

Do whatever you like, but there’s a profound difference between this post and the one that prompted allegations of Catholic-bashing. In the latter post, Jill
1) reposted a demonstrably false story hinting that someone in the Vatican might be behaving reprehensibly,
2) embellished the demonstrably false story by stating as if it were fact that “the Vatican” was behaving reprehensibly, and then
3) posted a weekend question asking why the Vatican was behaving reprehensibly.

Seems we have a little problem that requires more due diligence.


Joe Potillor said...

One thing, confessing straight to God, God never talks back. In Confession we have absolute assurance when the words of absolution are said that we're forgiven, and God is bound to it.

In a mere coincidence, the Pharasies accused Jesus of Blasphemy in forgiving sins too ;)

StevenD-Jasper said...

See what Luther started.

I used to moderate for Jill at her site, I can say she always displayed respect for the Catholic Church. But you are correct Carol, when one does not respect the authority of the church you end up with 25,000 protestant denominations all making up their own rules. That's why I love the Catechism.

Anonymous said...

Joe, there are two problems with your statement:

1. Jesus is fully human *and* fully divine. No priest can every be fully divine.

2. "God never talks back." Have you ever heard of the Holy Spirit? According to Catholic theology, one received the Holy Spirit when one is confirmed.

Anonymous said...

LifeSiteNews has recently posted two items about the Protestant problem of accepting contraception especially for supposed prolife reasons as exemplified by an article in Christianity Today, the flagship magazine for Evangelical Protestantism:

Christianity Today’s pro-Margaret Sanger consequentialism

By John Stonestreet

Christianity Today runs article praising eugenicist Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger: ignores history

By Ryan Bomberger


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I guess Protestant history stops at the 1930 Lambeth Conference.

Lynne said...

Carol, I was shocked when I saw that post too. I lost a lot of respect for her but you know what? Maybe this whole ecumenism thing isn't really working. We (Catholics and Protestants) have *real* differences. To pretend they don't exist is stupid.

TTC said...

Did you read her rant about the "disgraced" Catholic Church that has changed Church teaching

She is a piece of work. i cut her off at the knees.

Lynne said...

Oh dear. I didn't see that. I may take a look but I think I'll be unfriending her.

Dymphna said...

Well that's it for Jill. She'll get no money from me.

Dymphna said...

I think Lynne is right. The ecumenism thing isn't working the way we were told it would.

Anonymous said...

"I think Prince George or his Dad are the antichrist for many good reasons."

Who are "Prince George" and "his Dad"? Am I missing something here?

Theresa said...

Not really shocked by any of this...the reality is people who belong to the Protestant religion ...which is heretical in no uncertain terms ...do not believe in the Papacy or the validity of the sacrament of penance ect and they take no issue with birth control, which really causes a problem where abortion is concerned and I'm sure more of this will occur as we proceed with this very disturbing papacy. tough times ahead in all aspects.

Lynne said...

It looks the posts in question have been removed from her Facebook page too. At least I wasn't able to find them...

Anonymous said...

Carol, Steven, you're missing the point. "ALL have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God." To portray the Catholic denomination as the sole and infallible arbiter of Christian truth is to deny Romans 3:23, as is attempting to blame all other denominations besides your own for imperfectly following Christ's teachings. Don't forget, Luther was only motivated to post his 95 Theses due to the sale of indulgences in supposed exchange for the forgiveness of sins.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous April 9, 2015 at 12:33 PM

Catholicism is not a denomination!

Denominations are the fruit of Martin Luther's heresy. Martin Luther split from the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. Because of the anything goes theology of Protestantism there is no basic for any theology, so everybody becomes there on pope. Don't agree with somebody, create your own denomination, hence the disunity among Christians.

I'd be open to discussion on this but first is the matter of getting your history correct.

Anonymous said...

To "anonymous" from April 9 at 12:33 p.m.: What substantiation do you have for your assertions?

Anonymous said...

This thread suggests to me you are all nuts.


Joe Potillor said...

Anon at 1:15

Of course it being an analogy being used, they're not perfect...

It is very true that one receives the gifts of the Holy Spirit at baptism, and they are sealed at Confirmation.

But chances are you (nor anyone else) hear God speaking like a human in your head, save extra-ordinary grace/apparition/locution of some type, I'm not wrong in saying that God does not "talk back" in the way humans speak to each other....that is to say God does not explicitly say "I absolve you of your sins in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit" if you confess directly to God. ...this is what I mean when I said that statement.

2. True, no priest can be fully Divine (thanks be to God for that, the egos of some can be rather "God-like")...Yes, Jesus is truly God, and truly Man, hence why the Pharisees wee wrong when they were accusing Him of blasphemy and not having the authority to forgive sins. Yet it is clear in the particular passage of Scripture that he's using His authority as man...(cf Matt 9, 1-10)

TTC said...

I have removed several comments about theories of the antiChrist.

The antichrist is a spirit that infiltrates many people, places and things.

It's the devil. It is ISIS. It is the insidious forces in the Obama Administration out to destroy Christ and his followers and our country with immorality and murder.

The Duke and Duchess, their young lovely family should not be on your list of concerns about the antichrist.

Anonymous said...

Joe Politor, I think your interpretation of the passage involving Jesus and the Pharisees (forgiving the sins of the paralytic who was lowered through the roof) is incorrect. The Pharisees complained that, by forgiving the man's sins, Jesus was claiming divine authority and equality with God. By healing the man (which no human could do), Jesus affirmed his divine identity. Priests can only offer absolution because of their office, which comes from God.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your editing wisdom..... ur right the Duke and family have only given example of a good family to world.. they have not brought immorality, antichurch, murder, and lies into our Church as Modernists have done , nor into our nation as have the Obama/Clinton/ISIS axis of antichrist.

Plus My posts confused an important discussion(s).

But in addition to ur antichrist truths ... there will oneday be a person whom the people will declare to be God and he will agree (opinion of Malicay Martin).

Maybe the Papal indilgences in the past were inproper or whatever.....i do not know details.... but if a Pope can entice a wealthy person to give up money for a good cause by offering an indulgence then it spiritually is a positive step for the sinner to improve. Also money collected to Build St Peter Basillica has benefited millions of people and may have helped in their faith journey.. I benefit when I watch Christmas Mass in Rome on TV. True it may be. or border on scandal so maybe a big mistake. But i urge our Christian fellows to check out Indulgences.... they REALLY helped me and others grow in faith and there are the benefits that just magnify for us the MERCY AND LOVE from Jesus.

Maybe the synod could decide to give indulgences rather than the Sacrament to divorced and remarried if they confess. The Pope said he wants to show mercy to them and Indulgence is a WONDERFUL mercy. But they need to go sin no more... no marriral acts outside first marriage.


Anonymous said...

Just a note of caution to you & not for publication: considering JS worked in abortion clinic and the gravity of her sins (which I'm sure she's well aware of) the whole issue of what she needs to do to be forgiven is no doubt of supreme importance to her. Many in prolife movement have converted to Catholicism no doubt in part because they need to be sure their sins are forgiven. Not sure your blog piece necessarily represents the charity JS needs (and that you actually feel for her and all those who have been ensnared by devil into sins of abortion)-- sometimes people protest too much and never more than when they are about to be converted. I too was surprised (but also glad) that she was getting fed up w/constant run around from politicians -- i.e. nothing is being done in temporal world -- time for her to seek supernatural (maybe conversion to Catholicism) like she is having some kind of midlife crisis - reevaluating.

TTC said...

oops, just noted this was not for publication. it was a wise post worth sharing...

Anonymous said...

Jesus told Saint Faustina that He did not come for the righteous but for sinners. Jesus wanted to pour out his MERCY on repentent sinners. That is my God whom I worship! What an amazing God we have! All those who say there is no sin anymore are both crazy and antichrist. All those who call for "unity" with such apostacy are disassembling unity in TRUTH and these heretics are actually assembling false-unity based upon lying to oneself and others - blocking the Fount of True Mercy from Jesus in Confession and Salvation of sinners. There can be no unity until we all agree that abortion and "pro-choice" voting are grave mortal sins! Only then will we all be following One Voice - Jesus!

So this JS lady is very special and lucky because Jesus came down to earth to show a sincere repentent sinner the greatest beauty and blessing - Devine Mercy for her because Jesus loves her - Mother Angelica would call that "Awesome!".

p.s. Dear Pope Francis ..... Please appoint more strong men like Bishop Lennon!