Thursday, October 22, 2015

Bishop Cupich Claims Sacrament of Confession is About Eyelashes, Not Absolution of Sins

As if you needed more evidence Bishop Cupich is an eejit, this week he claimed the Sacrament of Confession did not intend for priests absolve sins.

He has cracked a code.

"We use that word “reconciliation” all the time. It doesn’t mean about giving people forgiveness. It comes from an anatomical root, namely the eyelash, it is called a cilia. So you begin to see eye-to-eye with people.”

Get it?

There is no forgiveness going on. The word 'cilia' means eyelashes which means the sinner is supposed to talk the priest into breaking commandments.

Explains the synod!

Fr. Z debunks HERE.

It would appear Bishop Cupich does not intend what the Church intends, which I believe would make that Sacrament invalid.

Here's looking at you kid.


Damask Rose said...

Gimme a break, roll eyes...
Got my eyeball on you Cupich.
Sorry, but, um, Jesus has got one on you. Yeah something about plucking your eye out to avoid sin...

Michael Dowd said...

And the next step Cupich will propose is that absolution will taking the form of winking at the person. And that confession is a real fun experience where the priest and the penitent exchange stories. I'm OK and you're OK.

How many nutcases like this do we have in high places?

StevenD-Jasper said...

Francis put this nut in charge of Chicago.