Friday, October 23, 2015

US Heretic Rag Claims Final Synod Document Guides Souls to "Question" Church Teaching

One of the ten prelates responsible for drafting the final document from the ongoing Synod of Bishops on family has said that while it may not give solutions to all the questions discussed by the gathering, it will give good direction to Pope Francis for future decisions.

Indian Cardinal Oswald Gracias said that the document "will not have all the answers, but it will have a direction."

"The questions will be clear," said Gracias, speaking at a press briefing Thursday. "The answers will not be so clear."

The stink of the deception of the demons is overwhelming.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, leave it up to everyone's conscience, anything goes. There better be a clear and definitive statement from Francis or things have just gone from bad to worse.

Anonymous said...

The "Boston" Pilot too, it's everywhere, it's everywhere! Get ready for changes locally with Advent. They'll make up all kinds of stories be watchful of Advent!

Anonymous said...

And to boot, Pope Francis has set up a new Office. This is sounding more and more like the Obama Administration . But wait, all will be discussed at the meeting in December of Cardinals, good Lord, help us!

Anonymous said...

A new concept of the Church’s Magisterium: No longer an arbiter to (re)solve problems or disputes - but a provocateur to provoke discussion and further consideration of such.