Monday, October 12, 2015

Bishop Walk Out is Finally Verbalized

The ultimate disGrace has finally been verbalized at the Synod: Talks about bishops walking out of Pope Francis Synod have commenced.

Laurence asks out loud, perhaps for the first time, though I bet not the last: Given that you all are clearly being used to further an anti-Christian agenda, perhaps it’s time to “consider shaking the dust off their feet and leaving the Synod Hall.”

It would appear the option of staying and participating has been taken off of the table by the Pope himself. He has consistently shut down bishops faithful to Church teaching and the thing has spun out of control.

As we watch this play out, one is continually reminded that the Holy Father thinks he is helping and supporting Catholic families.

I'm thinking maybe he got his ideas from how Bruce Jenner helped fatherhood.

I guess should be relieved the kaspersian savages are not able to tie faithful bishops up and burn them at the stake in St. Peter's Square.

I'd like to see Frs. Lombardi and Rosica spin a walk out, wouldn't you?

Speaking of the duo, do you remember the priest who told Bishop Durocher conciliarism is a heresy?

Fr. Lombardi announced Pope Francis revoked his press credentials after 15 years of service!

Apparently, the only opinions Catholics are not free to express in the Church are those that belong to the magisterium.


Anonymous said...

This is really insane. Wonder if they even open each day with prayer? I'm so glad the general Catholic population isn't paying attention to what's going on, or am I? Who doesn't believe we're on the Eve of Destruction?

TLM said...

I have mixed emotions about a walk out, BUT I have been thinking and saying this in comments since almost the beginning now. It's tempting. I think it would have to come to the point that it is really futile to stay. My instinct is for our faithful Bishops to stay and fight like hell, but they are already at the point of refusing the Mic to Cdl. Erdo. It may be so rigged that they have all their bases covered to silence our Bishops. And Fr. Z said there was a rumor that he heard that the dissidents had mics placed secretly somehow in the 'groups'. This is BEYOND insane.

TLM said...

Update: There now IS AN ACTUAL PETITION for the faithful to sign, a letter to our Bishops urging them that if they do indeed find themselves in an impossible situation to shake the dust off their feet and ......WALK. I believe OnePeterFive started it yesterday and it already has (I believe) well over 1,000 signatures by today. You can find it almost anywhere with a link, and I think Lifesite News has it, has it, it's now in lots of places. Sponsored by ''. Just an FYI in case someone doesn't know about it yet.

Anonymous said...

You actually believe that the Creator and Ruler of All the Universe cares whether gays can enter into a contractual relationship with each other?

TTC said...

It isn't about what I believe or you believe or the pope believes .

The Body of Christ who is the living God believes those attracted to sex with a person of the same gender is to resist sin and temptation. There is no contractual agreement for sex partnering. One can enter into a contract for construction work, one can contract for food services or home design and remain in a state of Grace. But there is no contracts for adultery that is acceptable to God.