Monday, October 12, 2015

Bishops Letter Expressing Suffocation at Synod Ignored by Pope Francis

The letter sent by thirteen (eleven?*) Cardinals, all of whom are present at the Synod (this is important, since so many Cardinals were deliberately excluded or as kept away as possible from the Synod body because they disagree with the German view that is clearly favored by the Pope), contained specific complaints about the suffocating procedure put in place in order to ensure a specific result.

Here is a shocker: Cardinal Dolan signed the letter.

I kept looking and looking and I didn't see Cardinal O'Malley's name!

Edward Pentin sure is being vindicated, eh?

Looks like the leak originally came from Damian.

Take the time to read.

I am not ascribing this to any particular individual because I have no knowledge of what is going down, but the activity at the synod is definitely demonic. Definitely.


TLM said...

And now.............the Final Relatio has been removed from the schedule altogether. The rules seem to change daily or maybe even hourly in order that the manipulators may have the upper hand.

Maria said...