Monday, October 12, 2015

Fr. Rosica emphasizes stunning claim made by synod 'father' that God created and planned our booty calls.

At one of the sex-obsessed press conferences after a synod session, this idea was right up Fr. Rosica's alley:

Synod: “The distinction between sin and sinner no longer works”

At the midday press conference organized by the Vatican press office, Father Thomas Rosica emphasized this statement made ​​by a Synodal Father during Saturday’s discussion on the third part of the Instrumentum laboris...This sentence had already been highlighted by the rapporteur in Italian which brought in substance: The differentiation between sin and sinner no longer works because sexuality is an integral part of the person....The distinction between the person and the act is indeed a classic theology and Catholic morality; we are invited to “love the person and hate the sin.”

It is a distinction increasingly challenged because to hate sin is tantamount to stigmatizing those who commit it, not to say that homosexual act according to their “nature” as explained Mgr. Charamsa.

After God gave us brown eyes and hair and gender, he cooked up a scheme about how He wanted us to sin through the Divine gift of human sexuality. He planned our booty calls.

Consequently, the church needs to love sin.

Get it?

This explains their conduct with the pedophiles doesn't it?

Stupidity like this is not of human origin!


Anonymous said...

The Great Day of Fatima has already begun in Vatican which us 6 hours ahead of us.
Oct 13, 2015 - 98 years ago the Great Miracle of the Sun.

Something could be up for tomorrow which is already today in Rome.

Will something good happen or will the blasphemy continue?

Anonymous said...

I know Catholics who actually defend pedophiles, saying they are victims too. They also defend priests who hide lovers, wives or children. They defend anything priests do, just because they are priests. They defend anything and everything in the name of luv, they say luv helps you not only love the sinner but the sin as well. And they call themselves catholics.

Romulus said...

People do not have gender. Please let's not let the enemy shape our language.

Michael Dowd said...

Here's an appropriate quote from the first reading at Mass today.

"Therefore, God handed them over to impurity through the lusts of their hearts for the mutual degradation of their bodies. They exchanged the truth of God for a lie and revered and worshiped the creature rather than the creator, who is blessed forever Amen Romans 1:16-25

Nuf' said?

Anonymous said...

It's a sorry day when you can't trust the Vatican, been a lot of sorry days.

Kirk Timothy Mulhearn said...

Our Lady of Fatima said, most souls go to hell because of sins of the flesh.

Kirk Timothy Mulhearn said...

Our Lady of Fatima said, most souls go to hell because of sins of the flesh.

Byzcat said...

This sounds like Luther - sin much, believe more, or the Khlysty in Russia, who had orgies in order to sin greatly so that they could experience God's grace. Unbelievable.

Damask Rose said...

On Vox's blog, I've said Rosica should be dismissed. But now that I see Rosica has quote Charamsa, this Rosica is totally over for me. He's just 'meh' now.

With regards to the homosexual 'nature' and 'to hate sin is tantamount to stigmatising those who commit it' comment from Rosica, the priest has totally laid bare the faux-agenda of this Synod.... the normalising of Sodomy and it becoming sinless so they can have Communion. If homo-sex is in gays 'nature, then, lest we forget, so is pederasty. The next step is the normalising and sinless nature of pedaphaelia in all its different aspects, because if it's in their 'nature'...

Medical Associations have normalised homosexuality, the real last bastion to this sin was/is the Catholic Church, so it's been worked on by homosexuals unchecked by Popes for decades.

Was it Our Lady of Quito who said their would be no more child virgins??? (Please correct me I'd I'm wrong.). The world, I think at least, is moving to approve of child sex. This will so totally suit the current Islamic invasion of Europe, who can have sex with child, boys (up to age 18 - it's not considered homosexuality), girls, women against their will and maybe animals ( ?).

Remember Catholic priests sexually abused boys.

I don't know what type of cataclysmic event needs to take place to get the Church to wake up.

Rosica should go. He's spouting filth as the official mouthpiece of the Church (but has he been set up to?).