Monday, October 12, 2015

Synod Day 6:The Rats are on a Feeding Frenzy

Rorate has a surreal report on day 6 of the Synod.

As I was reading it, it reminded me of a scene in the movie "Ben" when thousands of rats entered the house and began clawing, tearing and eating everything in it.

Cardinal Tinkle is suggesting Pope Francis is contemplating forbearing a final Relatio. Perhaps he is reading the nearly unanimous opinion that Christendom intends to formally pin accountability for the heresy upon him at that juncture, and he doesn't have the chutzpah to let it define his papacy. The legacy of joining the ranks of a handful of heretics in a 2000 year history is not as glamorous as John Allen tries to make it. Why publish the proof that would be recorded in historical documents when you can spend the rest of your papacy pretending you have nothing to do with the circus you have organized and executed?

There are a over a million Catholics, including priests and bishops, who have gone on record saying they will not subject their families to a pied piper luring them into adultery and counterfeit doctrine. When this all started, most well-heeled Catholics were quietly expressing concerns and reservations but were reluctant to discuss their concerns in the public square. As time passes and the deceivers the Pope has empowered execute the plans, I'm finding more people now willing to go on record.

But in this particular case, we will have to conclude that the hypothetical pro-Kasper papal document is in fact false and unorthodox, for it will contradict Scripture and two millennia of Tradition by saying that some persons Our Lord describes as adulterers may nevertheless receive sacramental absolution without any purpose of amendment and then go to Holy Communion.

So instead of becoming part of authentic magisterial teaching, this new document, if it is issued, will have to be resisted and openly rejected by faithful Catholics as a monumental papal error.

As the magnitude of resistance surfaces, what lucid pope would want to put their name on the can of worms?

Rorate is also reporting that the rats are refusing to yield the floor to Relator-General Cardinal Erdo and have hijacked the agenda and turned it into a lavender mafia convention.

This Rorate report describes Cardinal Baldiserri actually removing presentations faithful to Catholic Doctrine.

The deceptive nature of the excuses for heresy is the same old story:

According to another synod father, “mercy toward sinners is not a form of weakness nor an abandonment of Church teaching.”

I guess they are pretending they've been teaching moral theology all these years. It's a good thing the process doesn't subject them to producing evidence of their lecherous fallacies.

The idea the synod has been rigged is preposterous. Preposterous I tell you.

Maybe instead of a final document that incriminates him, the plan is to just tell bishops conferences they have the power to contradict Church teaching in their see with 'pastoral' policies.

If you want your polygamy, you can keep your polygamy.

If you want your sodomy, you can keep your sodomy.

Disenfranchising the power given to St. Peter has been a long-time goal of ordained apostates.

If the Holy Father is looking for a synod hermeneutic, I just so happen to have one handy.

We've had 50 years of priests luring the people we love into adultery. Some of them slept with them themselves. You are empowering these people to come back to the parish and do it to another generation with your pastoral license in their hands. Do not expect us to respond like the poor victims of ephebophiles who sat silent on the sidelines as they destroyed their loved ones. Whether intentional or non-intentional, the results of your circus are in and you own it.


Anonymous said...

and Kaspar IS Judas!
I am praying the Pope chooses Jesus - not Kaspar Iscariot

Anonymous said...

Michael Vortex has a very good assessment, "Receiving Holy Communion in a state of mortal sin is a sacrilege. Die unrepentant of that and you incur eternal damnation. Homosexual acts willfully and knowingly committed are mortal sins. Die unrepentant of that and you incur eternal damnation." Why can't the Bishops see this? It all happened when the "church" stopped teaching or talking about hell. Personally I haven't heard it mentioned out loud for decades, nor have I heard about sin! It's rather simple, go back to the basics of the teachings of the church & they will come!

Michael Dowd said...

Good update. As least there's some with disturbed consciences. Hopefully more will become so. And then act accordingly. Pope Francis has gotta change or gotta go.

Anonymous said...

In 2004, the American bishops voted themselves permission to commit mortal sin. In "Catholics in Political Life," they said that a bishop may "legitimately" give Communion to pro-abortion politicians.

When a would-be communicant approaches for Communion, and is a person who is "obstinately persisting in manifest grave sin," the SPECIES of the person's sin is absolutely immaterial. The strict, grave obligation of the minister of Communion is to deny the sacrament.

By voting to give themselves permission to commit the mortal sin of giving Communion to persons who are obstinately persisting in manifest grave sin, the American bishops ALREADY DECIDED the very issue that has been roiling the Church for over a year.

In fact, the last five Popes, by ignoring the grave scandal of abortionist-communicants for the past forty-some years, also already decided this issue.

Cardinal Kasper thinks he's in the fight of his life for his pet cause. The joke's on him. His battle was already won FOR HIM, by Ted Kennedy, Mario Cuomo, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Joe Biden, Patrick Leahy, Nancy Pelosi, Leon Panetta, and Cardinals Bernardin, Law, Wuerl, Dolan, O'Malley, and DiNardo, and Archbishops Chaput, Cupich, Gomez, McElroy, and hundreds of other pioneers in moral theology.