Thursday, October 15, 2015

Petitoning Faithful Synod Fathers to Walk Out of Heretical Circus Lying to and Deceiving Our Children

I didn't write about the petition at first because I wanted to give it prayerful thought. After doing so, I am very much in favor of signing the petition which can be found HERE.

I know our friends at Church Militant are skeptical about signing this petition but life cannot go on as usual and customary.

I would imagine synod fathers would think it too soon to make a judgment about whether to walk out of what has been a theological insane asylum. But, if a single heresy gets planted into a final document and they are asked to rubber stamp it as a product of their vocation, I should think walking out will be the sole option on the table.

The seriousness of what the Holy Father is asking them to deliver to our families, and the destruction it would burden the family with, would certainly require us to tell our children the pope is anathema. Walking out of the synod is a manifestation of the fractures the Pope himself has foisted upon every aspect of our family.

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