Friday, October 9, 2015

Bishops say Synod Working Document is a Piece of PooPoo

The document — officially called an instrumentum laboris — also fell short, “especially in its theology, clarity, trust in the power of grace, its use of Scripture and its tendency to see the world through overwhelmingly Western eyes,” the bishops said Friday.

Other than that Mrs Kennedy, how was the parade?

The news seems to be all good today, as the National katholic distorter reported that the bishops also concluded that they have no idea how the Pope thinks the public expressions of apostate bishops is helpful to families trying navigate their loved ones through this unprecedented period of diabolical disorientation.

Here's today's first place blue ribbon for stupidity: Cardinal Tagle said it's good for bishops to confuse their flocks because if Church teaching is taught with clarity, they might not be living real lives.

And with those crystal clear instructions, Irish Bishop Eamon Martin did us all proud.

"Like Vatican II, this Synod needs to be a language-event, which is more than cosmetic," they stated. "We need to speak of marriage and the family in new ways, which has implications on both the macro and micro level, as it does on both the local and universal level."

Families experiencing countless heretic priests teaching our kids sleeping around is virtue have a really helpful tool with that pearl of wisdom.

Martin's idea added the Midas touch to his group:

That group also says they were conscious of a "danger of lapsing into an idealized, removed and disembodied sense of family, which may have its own beauty and internal coherence but which can end up inhabiting a somewhat bloodless world rather that the real world of families in all their variety and complexity."

Living in chastity and state of Sanctifying Grace, eating & drinking the Blood of Christ and absorbing it's Divine Properties is a fake and bloodless life. We are in danger of lapsing into the ideal role model of the disembodied Holy Family.

They articulated they were going to create heretical policies to guide by region at the bishop conference level. I think some of the Africans want to approve polygamy. All I can say about that is, you give it all you've got fellas. The hand that rocks the cradle have girded their loins and we are waiting to see the whites of your eyes.

Finally, thank God for this African bishop who gave a good kick in the backside to Fr. Rosica's gay press conferences.

All in all, other great day!


Left-footer said...

Brilliant blog - congratulations on your highly sensitive cr*p detector. The African Bishops, unlike their emasculated European counterparts, seem not to have lost the ability to kick some b*tt.

God bless them - and you!

Michael Dowd said...

I agree that the current reality of Catholic marriages needs to be reformed. As things now stand, for most folks, the whole thing is nothing but an occasion of sin. First, before marriage, most couples live together, thereby sinning. Second, when they do get married, they practice contraception, so continue sinning.. And even worse they go to Communion of Sunday without confession thereby committing a sacrilege. Based on this, they not only get no grace to sustain their marriage but risk going to hell. No surprise the marriage eventually falls apart.

But wait, a solution to get them out of the jam they are in due to lack of grace caused by sinning. No they don't have to stop sinning. That would be just too awkward for the priest to talk about. But now, thanks to Pope Francis a solution is at hand. It is called an annulment and it is fast, easy and cheap. The couple can then start over with fresh partners and repeat the process as often as they wish. His mercy knows no bounds! Simply marvelous.

What is need is a clearly stated message from Pope Francis that in order for Catholic marriages to be successful and grace filled there is to be no cohabitation before marriage, no use of artificial contraception and no annulments except under the most extraordinary of cases which must be approved by the Vatican.

Articulating the ancient teaching on marriage would go along ways towards reestablishing the credibility of the Catholic Church. Of course, in the process, many would leave which is just fine. As we recall, many are called but few chosen.
The Catholic Church is not some kind of happiness club where everyone gets to do as they please and get bailed out free of charge when they screw up with quickie annulments and cheap mercy.

Anonymous said...

Three cheers for this Bishop! God wants us to convert unbelievers, not join them!

Damask Rose said...

"What is need is a clearly stated message from Pope Francis..."

Mhm, good luck with that, mate.

This Synod is getting more entertaining by the day, real 'steamy' too. Forget anything HBO could produce...

And to think back-in-day my mother wouldn't let me watch Dallas till I got older.

Honestly, it's like the prelates are 'gagging for it'. Do they have no notion of 'avoidance of the occasion of sin'?

So, now hubby, me and the kid are in a 'bloodless' family are we?

Anonymous said...

Instead of Catholic homes - children are raised by strangers in daycare centers where they are surrounded by the offspring of heathens.
Somewhere they learn to "meet people where they are".
When they meet they declare everything the other is "into" is "cool".

Oh. you live together in fornication..... that is so cool!
Oh, you gave up Catholicism for New Age. .. that is so cool!
Oh you are an abortion mill butcher....that is so cool!
Oh, you are into Hinduism.....that is so cool!
Oh, you are a politicaally correct jackass like me.... that is so cool!

And look at the girl haircuts the new wave moms give their sons!
They are a BOY - not your little darling pansy!

Unknown said...

In other word, some of these Synod Father are perfectly happy to give their faithful anything other than the faith

"I can't give you bread and fish, but how about some nice, big scorpions?"

Unknown said...

In other word, some of these Synod Father are perfectly happy to give their faithful anything other than the faith

"I can't give you bread and fish, but how about some nice, big scorpions?"

Michael Dowd said...

The BIG PROBLEM with the Catholic Church is that it has had no real leadership since Pope Pius XII. The Church has become infested with Modernism which has resulted in much of it becoming effectively Protestant with all the moral corruption that comes from rejection of authority. To begin to fix this we need Pope Francis to proclaim the truth of the Catholic Church and ex-communicate all those who do not follow the historical doctrine of the Catholic Church as outlined by the Council of Trent and the rejection of Modernism by Popes in the past.

The likelihood of this happening is obviously remote but miracles can happen. So let us seek one. Hail Mary........

Anonymous said...

Michael, you are right, but actually Pope Pius XII is responsible for getting the ball of change rolling. He did quite a bit in the fifties.

To begin to fix this, we need Pope Francis to step down and get a Catholic pope who will rely on the Holy Ghost for strength and not fear the tantrums and threats from the left wing loons in the Church.