Thursday, October 15, 2015

Court rules the trespassers at St. Frances Cabrini are trespassing.

No kidding Sherlock!

Exhausting every canonical and legal venue, they are scheduled to "speak" about the 'trespass' ruling today.

A word to the wise to the luminaries at the Archdiocese:

1. Call a locksmith to the locus.
2. Call the police to the locus to evict them.
3. As soon as they are out of the building, change all of the locks.

Changing the locks is something that should have been done years ago. Dragging this out has been damaging to everyone involved in the controversy.

They think 'delaying the closure' was a victory. All they did was let the cravenness of the Archdiocese deprive them of valid sacraments.

It's time to put on the big boy pants and call the police to evict them. Next week, they'll go to Mass and have access to the Sacraments they so desperately need.


The trespasser held a news conference today to ask for 'mercy' after eviction is upheld in the Court of Appeals.

“Pope Francis has introduced the year of mercy,” said Maryellen Rogers, a spokesperson for the Friends along with her husband, Jon. “Mercy is very dear to the Pope. We ask Cardinal O’Malley for mercy. This church is very important. The people of this community have dedicated their hearts and souls.”

Oh, they've 'dedicated' their hearts and souls all right. To a pile of bricks. When they moved the Body of Christ, these folks weren't interested in 'dedicating' themselves to His Body and Blood.

They're clinging to and crying over wooden benches. Christ left the building eleven years ago and they do not have the cognizance to recognize what they're doing.

If anyone in the archdiocese knew what mercy really was, they would send the police down to enforce the eviction order and set these poor individuals free from their attachments to carpets and wood or they will hole themselves up for another ten years.

Call the police or file a contempt and let the courthouse threaten to jail them and perhaps they will leave themselves. I doubt it. Plan it at 2 or 3 am when reporters are sleeping and there are a handful of people or less.

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Anonymous said...

Shut off the utilities the RCAB is paying for.