Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Is Pope Francis Leading the Counterfeit Synod at His Residence?

A mysterious photograph has surfaced of a spurious cast of characters sitting in a meeting with Pope Francis as his residence.

Some say that the Holy Father himself is holding a “shadow Synod” at his residence, Santa Marta.

When was the last time any parent of good faith made plans for their children's salvation and rounded up the heretics to help you architect the plan?

As the highest ranking father of Christ's family, I can just imagine the intellectual processing that ends with surrounding yourself with heretics to advise you.

step 1: Your goal is to get as many people possible into living every day maintaining a state of Sanctifying Grace.

step 2: You think about what kind of ideas you want to employ and you look for people who have expertise in those ideas.

step 3: You select people who have been telling your family to sleep around with whoever and whatever you want because the Church loves breaking commandments.

step 4: When other people start pointing out the reasons why these ideas can't be used, you say no me interesso un cazzo and you pick up the heresy where you left off.

It makes perfect sense.

And when they get hungry, he puts porta-potties on the dining room table and passes out matches.

We are not as stupid as we look!


Anonymous said...

What happened to this talk of "Fidelity" to Rome?

Oh, I get's only "Fidelity" when you like/agree the message, right?


TTC said...

No you moron.

Fidelity to Rome is fidelity to the deposit of faith in the catechism. Not the people.

Fidelity to the Chair of Peter. Not a person enthroned who attempts to steer his people away from it.

TTC said...

One 'likes/agrees with the message' when it matches Church teaching.

One rejects the message when it doesn't. When it doesn't, we are dealing with an ignorant person, an imbecile or the devil.

TLM said...

Right Anonymous, the faithful don't really like it when Rome is leading us into shark infested waters, but if you would like to jump in with the heretics, go right ahead, just don't expect to come out intact. The faithful are expected to call out heresy and NOT to follow, in fact we are obliged to do that no matter who is leading the charge....doesn't mean we are not faithful to the Chair of Peter, it just means we value our souls, the souls of our children and even the heretics' souls. What's going on in Rome is HERESY, plain and simple.

Anonymous said...


Melchior Cano, an eminent theologian at the Council of Trent, famously said:

Peter has no need of our lies or flattery. Those who blindly and indiscriminately defend every decision of the Supreme Pontiff are the very ones who do most to undermine the authority of the Holy See—they destroy instead of strengthening its foundations.

Michael Dowd said...

All that's lacking now is a writer or two to put this Synod business in the proper perspective and give it the verbal treatment it so justly deserves. Perhaps David Mamet with his version of 'Sexual Perversity at the Vatican' or Hunter Thompson with 'Fear and Loathing...sequel. Too bad Hunter is no longer with us. But someone needs to show how far amok the Catholic Church has run these last 50 years and most especially since Pope Francis has taken over.

TTC said...

I imagine this comment is because at some point, we reminded this individual that something somebody said was part of the deposit of faith and we are obliged to assent and it's been a thorn in his paw all these years.

This isn't brain surgery. We've had pope's who take lovers and father illegitimate children. Catholics who uphold his conduct as a departure from Church teaching and call him to faithfulness are being consistent with fidelity to Christ's Church.

The same holds true with a Pope who is chaste himself, but is selling adultery to everyone around him, including our children.

Michael Davitt said...


Thank you for your comments.

In addition, please remember: "The road to hell is paved
with the skulls of priests and bishops;" is a quote I hear that
St. John Chrysostom has allegedly said.

Anonymous said...

This is the best comment from Fr. Z's regarding this:

"Why is the Holy Father spending an enormous amount of the Church’s money on the Synod and causing universal confusion and scandal when in the end he will toss away what the Synod Fathers decide and state his own opinion. He could have simply written whatever it is he has to say in an encyclical and be done with it. Or is the point rather for him to be the center of attention?"

Except that the Chair of Peter isn't to spread your personal opinions, or promote pet agendas or theories.

TLM said...

Wonder if St. John Chrysostom knew just how correct he really was???