Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Holy Father is on day 10 of offering Catholic families heresy and division.

He's helping us all out.

It was reported that some interventions in the Synod Assembly made it clear that admitting remarried people to the Eucharist would not be an "indiscriminate process" but a carefully structured one. Divorce must always be seen as a tragedy for the family. The Church should not punish those who are weak but find ways of helping them. Many of the interventions underlined that it was not a doctrinal change that was sought but a change in pastoral attitude.

Archbishop Retes said that the Holy Father has shown the Church what attitude we should have: that of mercy towards everyone. He said that this was the mission of the Church and, in the family, people should “taste” the love of God.

Surely this would be applicable to married men with mistresses and pedophiles. What about people living together and the tragedy of incestuous relationships.

In this peculiar quote, Cardinal Dolan explains that the Holy Father believes intellectual dishonesty and heresy is chicken soup for children's souls.

Dolan said he has come to believe that Pope Francis’ Ignatian spirituality leads him to believe that “a mess, confusion, questions are a good thing

Yes, yes. There is nothing than a Pope who deprives the family of clarity in truth. That's what I always say.

The Holy Father has plenty of other commandments available to confuse his people.

What about a robust discussion on telling lazy people they don't have to make holy the Sabbath?

What about telling people who want the money in their neighbors wallet to steal it?

How about some lively discussions about mercy killings?

I can't stand these freekin idiots!


Anonymous said...

Dolan is an intellectual lightweight. He's nothing but a glad-handing old pol.

Besides, he, like the vast majority of bishops, are nothing but self-seeking careerists. They'll imitate the Pope's language (if not his ideas) to gain favor with him, thereby helping themselves.

Michael Dowd said...

Cardinal Dolan disagrees with Pope Francis. He was one of the 13 Cardinals and Bishops who took issue with how the Synod was progressing. We should congratulate him.