Saturday, October 24, 2015

Today's Catastrophic Press Conference at Vatican.

WARNING - before you click on this link, it will make you sob. If accurate, Pope Francis has just pulled off a destructive coup obliterating the Catechism of the Catholic Church. I wrote off Michael Matt some time ago but his description of the content of today's press conference is newsworthy:

Here is his ominous description.

The press was told that the old teachings of the Church were not keeping up with the rejection of Commandments against adultery, coveting thy neighbors wife and same`sex sex which they described as no longer taboo in the 'new church' they have configured at the synod. The two effeminate bishops explain that the new church is about re-education of the people of God. They are going to 'educate us' on the latest 'scientific' information on how good it is.

Kindly note how this no-good bishop of beezlebub leads his audience to ridicule and laughter when discussing what he feels is the ridiculousness of abstaining from homosexual sex.

I hope Michael Matt is is exaggerating, but my gut instincts tell me he is reporting what was said.

If accurate, there will be a lot of commotion about the removal of a fraudulent pope but let's wait and see what happens over the course of the next 24-48 hours.

"If this synod were the church, I would say that it's the end of judging people, the end of a church that passes judgment on all the situations," said Belgian Bishop Lucas Van Looy. "It's a church that welcomes, a church that accompanies, a church that listens, a church that also speaks with clarity."

Aren't they nice?

And they are speaking so clearly, clearly I tell you!

If they find out you are not in a state of grace, they are not going to make the judgments necessary to use the power given to them to absolve your sins.

It's the end of the Ten Judgments.

Are you consumed with addictions to heroin? Bring your needles and opiods to Church. You are welcome to pass them out to youth ministry so you will have company. Because real love is about accompaniment. If you've got a good batch of dope, bring the loaded needles up to Communion and they will pin one on it for you so you will mistake it as something condoned by Christ. A witness to innocent children that shooting up is holy once they hang the Blessed Sacrament upon it and they should join you so you will not be alone.

Got a problem with lust? Bring your boy toys and eye candy to Church and father will bless your lust with the Blessed Sacrament.

They will charm the pants right off of you.

Thank you Pope Francis for helping us with our families!

They seem to have resurrected the idea there is some kind of 'internal forum' where priests and bishops obstruct you from the Sacrament of Confession with verbal approval your pattern of repetitious sins.

This is the 'merciful' forum they used to enable priest pedophiles. Look how well that turned out for everyone.

A disgusting display of the state of Christ's royal priesthood.

Is there not one shepherd with the spinal fortitude to walk out on a demonic circus?


gracem said...

Not one shepherd walks out.......WIMPS!!!!!!!!

StevenD-Jasper said...

the synod against the family.

Michael Dowd said...

Want more 'good news'? Try this one. The picture of Pope Francis says it all. We are in for it.