Friday, October 23, 2015

Pope Francis "Fails to Persuade" Christ's Church to Accept Adultery, Sodomy, Polygamy

This article captures the magnitude of damage Pope Francis has done for decades that lie ahead.

Here's the synopsis.

Poor Pope Francis tried so hard to bring Christ's Church out of the dark ages of resisting temptation and abstaining from sin, and it's a bust. It is not a complete defeat, as he has undermined the Church enough to get enough traction in minds and souls for a victory in the future.

Barring a miracle, damage done to the people we love is close to irreparable. I read a quote from one of the rats on the ship about the intentional damage to minds and souls that I found shocking:

"Now, with the pope's giving more power to the bishops for annulments I think the next step could be letting bishops take responsibility also for training the consciences of people,"

This hit me between the eyes. It was a stunning confession. Pope Francis' initiative is about deprogramming the consciences of the people we love.

They are smothering and strangling the instincts of rightly-ordered soul through the brainwashing of consciences and they are not even ashamed to admit it.

This dangerous cretin has revealed that the pushback and threat of schism caused a retreat:

I don't think we're ready yet to have a consensus on this matter, and it would be not good to have the Synod divided on this matter at the moment

He also revealed that Cardinal Meuller put the kibosh on severing us from the Body of Christ with a question that stumped them:

"There is one basic question being raised every now and then, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the faith studied it: Do the bishops' conferences have theological status or not?" he continued.

"The answer was no.."

It took them three weeks to answer this no-brainer question.

Pope Francis talked about practicing Catholics in his homily.

There's a new insult:

“We have this freedom to judge whatever is happening around us. But in order to judge, we must have a good knowledge of that is happening around us. And how can we do this? How can we do this, which the Church calls ‘recognizing the signs of the times?’ Times are changing. And it’s precisely Christian wisdom that recognizes these changes, recognizes the changing times and recognizes the signs of the times. What one thing and another thing means. And do this freely, without fear.”

Pope Francis conceded that this is not an easy thing to do on account of the external conditioning that pressures Christians as well, encouraging many of them to seek comfort in doing nothing.

“This is something that we usually don’t do: we stick with conformity, we reassure ourselves with (words like) ‘they told us, I heard, people said they read….’ In this way we are reassured. But what is the truth? What is the message that the Lord wants to give me with this sign of the times? First of all, in order to understand the signs of the times we need silence: to be silent and observe. And afterwards we need to reflect within ourselves. One example: why are there so many wars nowadays? Why did something happen? And pray… silence, reflection and prayer. It’s only in this way that we can understand the signs of the times, what Jesus wants to tell us.”

In the face of great temptation, if you fly unto the Sacraments to use the mystical properties of Divinity to help you resist temptation, you teach your children to do the same and take heroic efforts to stop his administration from deprogramming their conscience - you are a do-nothing.

Admittedly, there were many decades when practicing Catholics did nothing.

The glory days when prelates could rape and rob our children of their salvation and we did nothing.

I hope the past year has demonstrated that the times they are a changing.


Anonymous said...

at my parish there is one priest, the only one that preaches, the others are too busy in their personal duties (feeding their own children, walking their dog, and the like)....he's been brainwashing the few who go to daily mass (those whose opinion matters, the faithful ones, not because they are cherished but because they are the ones that will speak against any novelty) now it's been like 3 months with this new priest brainwashing the few faithful with things such as:

- there's no sin, it doesn't matter how many or how big, what matters is how much love you put into what you do

- you can't wait for a synod to tell you what to do, you have to make decisions daily, and you must choose what's good for you, not for others, you have to follow your conscience even if it goes against what is normally accepted or what everybody does

- the written word has no value, those words (scripture) are dead, the only word we must obey is the living word that comes to us from the Holy Spirit.

etc, etc

TLM said...

Oh Lord have mercy Anonymous, GET OUT OF THAT PARISH!!!!! Your Pastor is leading souls to HELL!

Michael Dowd said...

Doing nothing gets us where we are right now: a paganized culture. However, the Catholic Church has been doing something over the last 50 years: helping us to get where we are, which is largely indifferent, desensitized to immorality and brainwashed to believe we are all going to heaven. The Church has in many ways become the devil's instrument. Hopefully, he got a small defeat at the Synod but with folks like Pope Francis he has plenty of help.

breathnach said...

Cardinal Burke says "be faithful". I'm praying there is movement to help rescue the faithful people left to the destroyer Archdiocesan wolves and social engineers.What form it will take is the question.The secularists are likely to move to control the faithful priests with official fraternal, collegial and synodal "correction". Perhaps that will help along a process of real renewal against the secularists. They've destroyed themselves because there are few priests that can be their commisars of secularism. It's catacombs time folks.