Sunday, January 3, 2016

Father Jerome Secillano suggests Holy Sacrifice Requires Mortal Entertainment to Break Monotony of Mystical at Our Liturgy.

Is there a new GIRM we don't know about?

"Father Jerome Secillano, executive secretary of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines-Public Affairs Committee, tells The Philippine Star that San Jose "went overboard" by using the scooter during Mass, saying that gimmicks distract from the solemnity of the occasion.  "You can innovate, you can be creative, but your creativity and innovation has its limitations," he says."

Saints preserve us!

Is this ignorant and inept individual the cream of the crop in the Philippines?

I've got an innovation for you pal, how about you teach your people what is mystically happening before them?

Cure the blindness of the eyes of their soul and introduce them to the invisible things taking place.

Show them who showed up.

Show them where they are and what is taking place.

Is the whole country so mystically deprived of what is going on in the sanctuary that they are compelled to make an ass of themselves to entertain "an audience"?

The secretary for the entire lot of bishops in the country is suggesting there is something more "creative" ?

One must rise above the dullness and boredom the mystical things taking place to "create" entertainment but one must not go too far?

Duly noted in the statement of the diocese is the whopper of the theological error that the Sacred Liturgy is a "memorial".

It is not a memorial.

What Protestants do when they gather is a "memorial".

Christ's One Holy Apostolic Church has custody of the River of Christ's Blood.  We are the custodians of the Properties of Divinity.  What takes place at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass honors Christ but we are not "remembering" something that took place 2000 years ago.  We are mystically taken Golgotha where Christ is executed before us, surrounded by all the characters recorded in history.  They are present, as are the angels and the communion of saints.

What kind of class clown would perform a juggling act or cartwheel during these moments?

The inappropriateness of setting up a personal performance during these moments suggests mental illness or spiritual illness.

A man who would stand with us at the foot of the Cross as we are trying to listen to Christ's last words and instruction and start breakdancing or break his own monotony with what's going on by bursting into personal performances needs an exorcism to cast out a demon.    There is a serious spiritual malady of  such a person.

The diocese has a priest on their hands that is deaf, dumb and blind to what is going on.

To suggest to an entire country of priests that a circus needs to be created on the Via Dolorosa, but only a little circus, calls for another reservation for a sick bed at the monastery.


Dymphna said...

Bishops keep telling us about the fatuousness Philippine Church and the Church of Latin America and that they are the hope of the Church but what we see doesn't look too good.

Anonymous said...

Equally appalling are certain cultural novelties & careless music easily accepted, uncorrected, in American churches.

Clare said...

anon @ 8:10: not just amchurch but remember also the closing hymn singing praise to "beautiful Gaia" at the end of a televised Canadian Mass last year....that little stinker had to have the imprimatur of the bishop (and francis' favorite pink-journalist rosica). It's bad everywhere and getting worse because of the rotting zombie at the top.