Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Fun reading...

I thought readers at TTC would enjoy reading the fruit of hard work of one of the diocesan wizards here in Boston.

First, feast your eyes upon letter to the editor from one of the dim lightbulbs in Boston looking to the Boston Globe for guidance on matters of the soul.

He says people are not going to Church and this means there's a problem.

The problem isn't priests and the pope giving people the impression they think Church teaching is wrong, everyone who believes in that old crap is a nutcase who doesn't like to smile or dance and they personally approve of sleeping around.

It isn't a pope and his hand-picked bishops implying its ok for women to use contraception to flush their children down the toilet because he's on a quest to save the leaves on the trees and the tigers in the jungle - and there are too many children sucking up the oxygen needed for plants and animals.

It isn't the sixty years of Jesuits and nuns perverting Church teaching causing the destruction of two generation worth of children's minds at our schools.

Heavens no, it isn't the grand larceny of sanctifying grace by all of these characters.

What the Church needs is for women to abandon their children to become a Christ with breasts.

Just look at all the good things that happened in the world when women abandoned their children to prove they could be just like men in the workplace.


...and finally, here’s an item for the Boston Archdiocese, and others in similar situations, to consider. Let’s do something about the rectories that sit half empty. The one at St Gerard’s in Canton has five empty bedrooms — a whole second floor which we parishioners pay to heat and maintain. Many other rectories around the city and state are mostly vacant and could be put to better use by programs for families in need, elders, or single pregnant mothers. The list is endless. Isn’t helping others the foundation of our faith?

When I made this suggestion to our beloved pastor, he bellowed that the “parish would have to buy me a condo.”

The Archdiocese doesn't even let priests live in rectories they get sick, old and decrepit, does this guy think they're going to take needy people in?!

For giggles, I looked up the priest who is the mastermind behind the conscience of this poor God-forsaken individual.

Are you ready?

Fr. Ron Coyne!

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