Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Guardian Angels

One of the things I am trying to work on during Lent is being more  attentive to my guardian angel.

Unless something dramatic happens that makes me aware of his intercessions, I mostly rely upon him to rock out his protection of me without my awareness or gratitude.  

I find that he works with me through my gut instincts, telling me when something or someone isn't right or issuing a warning not to do something.  It is so easy to ignore when my own will wants pursue something in spite of his warnings or guidance. I dismiss or poo poo his subtle warnings with excuses and march right into an inferno to get burned!

Do yourself a great service and listen to Fr. Ripperger explain your guardian angel, effective use and communication of this precious gift from Christ.    I focused on this yesterday and got a good glimpse of how he is at work behind the scenery of our mortal vision and senses.

It's over an hour of teaching, but I promise you won't regret finding the time when you settle into bed or are doing chores. 

Stay safe everyone!


Anonymous said...

Great to listen to on a day like this. AND Thank God for our Guardian Angels!

TLM said...

Thanks for this! Will absolutely listen to it! Coincidentally, I have been myself trying to concentrate on the promptings of my Guardian Angel and establish more of a relationship with him as well within the last several months. And......maybe it's not such a 'coincidence', sometimes I think the Holy Spirit leads groups of us in the direction we should go:) How AWESOME is our God??!!! I now greet him and thank him every morning and before bed. Sometimes it seems we forget that he is there for us prompting and praying constantly. It's said that only when we die, will we fully realize the tremendous help he has given us throughout life. Really an amazing gift!

Michael Dowd said...

I'm not sure if this is Kosher but when I have a hard time going to sleep I ask my guardian angel for help to get to sleep and he usually does. If he doesn't I take it as a sign to get up even if it's 2 A.M.